Zwift — Climbing Challenge

Finally completed the “Climb Mt. Everest” challenge on Zwift.

I’d already been awarded the Tron bike because Zwift kept on deleting my elevation gains on this challenge:

Nice bike though!

Currently there’s no more challenges or levels left on Zwift for me to complete, although there’s a space on the challenge page for a 4th challenge and also lots of empty spaces on the kit list for more level bonus kits and parts to be added: hopefully won’t be too long before i can start hunting again.   Other than that there’s a 100 mile Achievement to still do and a few power based achievements as well, but those are outside of my current training plan and i’ve no intention of going after them at the moment.

But quite happy to have done all the levels and challenges in under 10 months of riding on Zwift.   Maybe i could open a new account and start again to see how much quicker i can do that.

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