What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You…

Following on from my recent post… ‘Should The NHS Fund Statins… #youarebeingfarmed’ during which i mentioned how truly ineffective statins actually were, here’s some further food for thought…

If all doctors were to inform their patients of the actual rates of side effects of most drugs and compare them to the actual results that these drugs give in treating their conditions and possible outcomes, not many people would take any medication at all.

And it’s not just the side effects of drugs prescribed by doctors that are literally killing thousands of people each week, just watch this following video and see what else your doctor isn’t telling you about your prognosis when left in the hands of the medical professionals…

And those figures don’t even begin to measure the debilitating side effects caused by prescription drugs and medical treatments that don’t actually kill patients. If they’re killing that many, one has to ask, how many are they leaving seriously disabled with non fatal injuries?

As the second video says, the best solution is to avoid needing their intervention in the first place. If you think that you can just shove your face full of crap food and have a great life because your doctor will fix everything then you need to seriously think again!

The medical community and Big Pharma make far too much money out of your sickness, so of course you can’t expect your doctor to tell you the truth, he’s incentivised to keep you sick.

You don’t have to be farmed like this, the choice is yours, eat healthy, exercise and get a good lifestyle!

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