…to Growing Young.

With ‘Growing Young’ my aim is to share what i experience and learn in my pursuit of health, fitness and wellbeing in the second half of my life.

It simply isn’t true that because you’ve had 50 or more birthdays that life is over and that you should just accept the inevitable decline in your health. Simple adjustments in diet, activities, lifestyle and mental attitude can bring huge health, fitness and wellbeing benefits in your later years. We have a choice to either slow the ageing process or speed it up. We can prevent, and even cure, chronic diseases and illness by simply giving our bodies and minds what they require in order that they can heal and grow young again.

The human body is an incredible machine, it has built into it the continuous desire to heal itself, all we have to do is give it the diet, lifestyle and mental attitude to allow it to heal itself and to stop harming it with bad choices.

And that’s what Growing Young is about. Helping you to adjust your diet, lifestyle, activities and mind to bring your body back to a state of health, fitness and wellness.

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All the information on this website is simply what i’m doing to maintain my health, fitness and wellbeing. We are all different, so what works for me may not work for you. Don’t go attempting marathons and triathlons unless you genuinely are fit enough, you will only do more harm than good. Exercise should never hurt, take it relatively easy and do it often and you will get fitter. Going at it too hard just leads to injuries and health problems.

Learn to listen to your own body and learn to listen honestly to it. Don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself now to yourself a week ago, a month ago, a year ago.

Best wishes.