Vitamin Supplements Are Killing You

Yes, in case you didn’t know:

“Too many vitamins can give you CANCER, major new study warns the millions who take them”.

Vitamins and minerals are of no real use outside of their natural packaging.   Nature packs all but 2 essential human vitamins and minerals in whole plant foods with a vast array of other phytochemicals that need to go along with the vitamins for them to work properly and safely.   Taking just the isolated vitamins and minerals (which are mostly synthetic ones) in a tablet and missing out the rest of the phytochemicals and convincing that you’re doing yourself some good is a recipe for health disaster.

And reading the above article makes me angry.   All this talk about folic acid being a vitamin is nonsense.   And suggesting that you can get folic acid from veg is also utter nonsense — and a complete lie.

Folic acid does not occur anywhere in Nature.   It is a man made, synthetic, garbage chemical that is not good for you.   Vitamin B9 is Folate, not folic acid.   Anyone who claims that folic acid is the same as Folate/B9 is trying to sell you snake oil and doesn’t give a shit about your health and longevity.

Folate is found mostly in leafy greens and legumes, have at it, eat as much of those as you like.   It’s good for you and doesn’t poison you, and you’ll get lots of other health promoting things with the leafy greens and legumes at the same time — like fibre.   Folic acid, on the other hand, is made by Big Pharma and the chemical industry purely to make their share holders more profit, not to make you healthy.   Folic acid is very bad for you:

And that’s just a little story about B9.   You can go through most vitamins and find similar stories.

As i said above, all but 2 essential human vitamins come from whole plant foods, and 1 of those is not actually a vitamin.   Sorry to be picky folks, but vitamin D is a hormone and not a vitamin.   Our bodies produce it in response to sunlight on our skin and we only get enough of it if we run around the tropics mostly naked most of the day.   If, like me, you live in the UK, or some other northern or southern latitude then you need to supplement this hormone.   This is either done by adding it to the foods you eat through fortification or by taking a supplement.   The trouble with fortified foods is that you have no idea how much you’re are getting — too much or not enough?   At least by supplementing directly you control exactly how much you take and when.   I personally take 2000iu a day all year around as i’m not half naked in the sunshine even when it is sunny.

The only actual vitamin that doesn’t come in whole plant foods any more is B12.   This is because we’ve sterilised nearly all the planet’s farm land with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc., and also sterilise our water supply and the bacteria that makes the B12 isn’t in the food and water supply any more.   It’s either added to animal feeds, fortified into junk food or you take a supplement.   Again, by taking a supplement you always know you get enough.   And B12 deficiency is a problem across all kinds of diet because most people don’t think they need to supplement it.   It’s cheap, take a pure B12 supplement daily.   Never mix B12 supplements with any other vitamin as you will ruin the B12 and it won’t work properly.   The other aspect of taking B12 is that it needs to mix with saliva before swallowing, so take a sublingual B12 and allow it to sit under your tongue until it’s been thoroughly mixed with your saliva.

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