Ultra Porridge…

Being vegan and liking nice yummy porridge can seem to be mutually exclusive, but it isn’t.

Here’s one of my post exercise breakfasts, 945 calories, ‘Ultra Porridge’ (half the amounts if you don’t want that many calories)…

100 g whole buckwheat
100ml water

Soak overnight in fridge.

When you begin to make your porridge, if using frozen berries, place these into a large bowl first.

Then take your soaked buckwheat and pound it with a pestle and mortar to make a nice sludgy/bitty thing and put into a large bowl with berries and stir.

In blender place…

200 g raw beetroot – stem and leaf included if you can get them
100 ml water
2 whole oranges – peeled (if you get organic orange then you can add some of the peel to suit your taste, but don’t use conventional farmed orange peel)
10 g whole flax seeds
6.5 grams whole hemp seeds
1/4 tsp chilli powder
1/4 tsp Ceylon cinnamon
14 g fresh ginger root – finely chopped or grated
5 g fresh turmeric
6 black peppercorns – preferably Tellicherry special extra bold

Blend all the until smooth and add to buckwheat in bowl and stir together well…

Then add

30 g dates chopped
1 or 2 figs (dried or fresh) chopped
One ripe banana sliced
28 g blueberries – frozen or fresh
56 g mixed berries – you can find some nice berry mixes in freezer section of good supermarkets at really good prices

Give it all a good stir and enjoy.

So that’s where i’m currently at with my vegan porridge recipe. I call it ‘Ultra Porridge’ because it’s probably the most healthiest porridge recipe on the whole planet. The natural anti-oxidants in this will certainly blitz any post exercise oxidative stress without affecting your body’s adaptation to that oxidative stress. Never take anti-oxidant supplements like vitamin c and e, they will mess you up! Have a nice bowl of ‘Ultra Porridge’ instead.

A great way to start your day.

945 calories, more protein than human breast milk, 38.6 grams of fibre, a perfect 1:1 blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for wonderful brain health and many other wonderful healthy things besides – what’s not to like…