The UK’s 7th Oldest Population

Exmouth officially has the 7th oldest population in the UK.

“The town thronged with old people”.

Very oldest populations

1 Eastbourne
2 Christchurch
3 King’s Lynn
4 Poole
5 Sidmouth
6 Wealden, East Sussex
7 Exmouth
8 South Lakeland, Cumbria
9 Budleigh Salterton

Source: ONS

It does leave one asking the question why Exmouth, along with the next town over, Budleigh Salterton and the next town over from that, Sidmouth, all get in the top ten.   What is so special about this little part of the UK?   Lovely views?   Lovely fresh air?   Lovely people?   Lovely weather?   Or is it the water?   We don’t drink reservoir water in Exmouth, our water is spring water tapped out from sea springs that run under the beach.   It would be interesting to look at the water quality of each area and compare that to the life expectancy.

But, anyway, it does show that there is a nice way to live longer, just move to one of the above towns and grow young again.

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