The Truth About Anti-Depressants

Here’s a great little video about anti-depressants:

The truth is that exercise, just 3 short sessions a week is as effective as anti-depressants:

And the side effects from that exercise are all beneficial, whereas the side effects from anti-depressants are horrendous.

One has to ask why the NHS is wasting billions of pounds serving out anti-depressants to people when N.I.C.E. has all this information?   Isn’t it now obvious that N.I.C.E. are nothing but corporate whores serving Big Pharma?

This is what is wrong with the NHS.   It’s not that the money isn’t there, it’s the fact that N.I.C.E. are spending that money straight into Big Pharma’s corporate profits on medications that serve no good whatsoever, produce a huge long list of side effects and produce ever more ill health requiring ever more expensive treatments on the NHS.


It’s time that N.I.C.E. answered some serious questions.   It’s time for a full and open public inquiry into the Big Pharma funding scam that the NHS has become.   It’s time that all health care professionals were required by law to state to all patients any involvement with, shares in, funding from, any pharmaceutical corporation or their subsidiaries.

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