The Protein Myth (part 1)…

The question, or criticism, that vegans get the most is… ‘But, where do you get your protein from?‘ ‘There isn’t any/enough protein in plants!‘ Etc., etc..

But let’s look at this a bit more closely…

Firstly, the term protein being used in this context is incorrect.

Protein is a singular noun.

Humans don’t have ‘a’ protein, humans have proteins. So the question should be… ‘Where do you get your proteins from?

This list in Wikipedia… Human Proteins gives 11,273 proteins (when i wrote this). Although this is not exhaustive and it has been mentioned by others that the human body can have something around 50,000 different proteins – albeit a lot of inactive ones and ones that we don’t understand why they’re there yet.

All of these human proteins, necessary for human life, are made by our bodies. As humans we do not get any of our proteins from other sources.

What we do require is what our bodies make our many proteins from… amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of life and every kind of protein that exists is made from an assortment of amino acids.

In part 2 i will look at amino acids and where we should be getting them from.

Best wishes.