The Morning After the Day Before

So how do i feel this morning after riding 200 miles in one day?

Beat up.

My left knee is a little twingey, as is my right foot and my undercarraige is very tender indeed.   Muscle wise i feel fine, a little achey in the calves but other than that nothing major at all.

What yesterday did teach me was that my muscles aren’t the problem, which is good to know, it’s the joints and seat that need to strengthen and that can only come with time.   So i’m going to have to change my training program a little and put the strength work back in and get that sorted.   Which will certainly mean taking a hit on the endurance for a while but it’ll be worth it in the end.

All in all though, feeling really proud of myself for a great day’s effort on the bike and doing my very best to help Zwift reach the million mile target for World Bicycle Relief.

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