Zwift Level 50

I finally reached Level 50 on Zwift and got a nice colourful shirt for all my troubles, and as a treat i bought myself a brand new Tarmac SL7 from the Drop Shop:

I do think that Zwift could have made a bit more effort on ones Level 50 bonus than just awarding me that shirt: it’s quite disappointing.

The other thing that’s disappointing is that at the moment Zwift only goes up to Level 50, so once again i’m maxed out, just like it used to be when i reached Level 25.   It took Zwift a very long time to finally cave into customer demand and give us more levels from 26 to 50, but now what?   Do we have to wait for another 3 years for Zwift to get their shit together on this?   In the meanwhile i have all the route badges to collect, which is fairly new-ish thing Zwift introduced a while ago: so that’ll keep my busy for a couple of months.

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Tomato Ketchup Recipe

My most favourite accompaniment to air fried chips made with chunky cut Maris Piper potatoes sprayed with a very light coating of cold pressed rape seed oil.   Yes, you can have healthy chips, only use cold pressed rape and don’t go overboard with it, you only need a very light sprayed coating if you use an air fryer.

A super delicious, super healthy, tomato ketchup.

Into a 900ml blender cup place:

80g     Filtered or Bottled Spring Water
250g     Tomatoes (replace 150g with tinned toms for a more tommy taste)
10g     Apple Cider Vinegar
30g     Currants
50g     Celery
20g     Onion
10g     Fresh Ginger
10g     Garlic
50g     Orange
0.7g     Black Peppercorns
0.7g     Whole Dried Chilli
2g     Coriander Seeds
1g     Cumin Seeds
2g     Dried Sage
0.5g     Dried Thyme
1.2g     Star Anise
1.2g     Fennel Seeds
3g     Smoked Paprika
1.5g     Paprika
2.5g     Whole Flax Seeds
2.5g     Whole Chia Seeds

Wherever possible always use whole spices as they’re living seeds and super healthy, the blender will take care of them.   For making good home mixed herb and spice recipes you’ll need something to weigh 0.1g increments.

If you use standard mains water it’s not gonna taste as good.   Seriously people, stop drinking mains water and using it in cooking, it isn’t healthy and tastes shite.

Give it all a good whizz around.

Sooooo much nicer tasting and infinitely more healthy than bottled junk-food ketchup.

Cronometer json file for use in Cronometer.   Click on the three dots to the right of “New Recipe” title to upload.

268 calories with great levels of nutrition:

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Zwift Level 49

I reached Level 49 on Zwift and got a Giro helmet for all my troubles:

So one more level to go until level 50 and that will be it until Zwift decide to add some more levels.

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Wake Up Smoothie

A really healthy and energising way to start your day.   Get off the junk food serials and animal products and do your health some good and feed up a happy healthy microbiome instead.   And it’s way better than coffee.

Into a 1lt blender cup…

15g dates
15g currants
14g blueberries
28g summer fruit mix
(raspberries, blackberries, black & red currants)
70g banana (when they’re nice and ripe chop them up and freeze them)
30g pineapple (chop one up and freeze it)
1 small apple
50g orange
(peel an orange and keep remainder in container in fridge)
1.9g Brazil nut
2.1g flax seeds
2.1g chia seeds
50g raw brocolli
(not ready frozen as they’re blanched, chop a raw one up and freeze it)
50g celery
7g fresh ginger
1/8 tsp ground ginger
1/8 tsp ground turmeric
6g green tea
6g raw cacao nibs
150g boiling water

Blend to smooth.

Top up blender cup to 900ml with cold, filtered or bottled water.

Cronometer json file for use in Cronometer.   Click on the three dots to the right of New Recipe title.

324 calories with great levels of nutrition and some delightful caffeine and theobromine to get you going in the mornings.

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Zwift Level 45 Addendum

So straight back onto Zwift today to get the extra ‘Drops’ to buy the 858/Super9 wheelset that i unlocked at level 45…

Best looking bike on Zwift IMHO.

Just have to see how much faster i go now, not that i care about speed when i look so damn cool.

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Zwift Level 45

I reached Level 45 on Zwift and was finally allowed to buy the P5X…

Not sure how much faster i’ll go on it, but it looks cool and looks are always more important than speed.

And i also unlocked the Zipp 858/9 wheels, but sadly i’m a little short on the drops to buy them at the moment.   So a little more peddling to do before i have the P5X looking proper cool.

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Zwift Level 44

I reached Level 44 on Zwift and received a nice new suit to wear while i ride around.   There’s three different colours, but i like this one…

And i also unlocked the Safety Bike but some utter dick at Zwift thinks i should pay 3,550,000 drops for it…

I was looking forward to riding around on that, but i ain’t paying that much.   Ridiculous!!!   Utterly fucking ridiculous!!!

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Zwift Level 43

I reached Level 43 on Zwift a little while ago and received a silly hat to wear while i ride around.   So i thought what better an occasion to dig out the Buffalo bike and wheels and look totally silly…

I have no idea what is going through the mind of the idiot at Zwift who thinks that people who have worked their butts off to get to level 43 would want a silly hat as a reward for all their efforts.

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Plant-Strong Podcast

Rip Esselstyn has finally taken the plunge and began his very own podcast. Yes folks, the Plant-Strong Podcast is finally here.   Me is thinking that this just may turn out to be the very best vegan podcast ever and i’m very much looking forward to lots of future episodes.

As well as the links on the website you can also get this on Podbean.   Podbean’s my absolute most favourite podcast hosting site forever, because, in truth, it’s the only one i’ve ever used.

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Garmin 40km Record

Not my fastest ever 40km, click here for that.

For some reason Garmin doesn’t always record my fastest times as records. Maybe because Garmin takes the time from the very start of the ride and not clipped out of the middle of it like Strava does.

But whatever, i improved my Garmin 40km by a fair bit, so i’m well happy with that.

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