Zwift Level 49

I reached Level 49 on Zwift and got a Giro helmet for all my troubles:

So one more level to go until level 50 and that will be it until Zwift decide to add some more levels.

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Zwift Level 45 Addendum

So straight back onto Zwift today to get the extra ‘Drops’ to buy the 858/Super9 wheelset that i unlocked at level 45…

Best looking bike on Zwift IMHO.

Just have to see how much faster i go now, not that i care about speed when i look so damn cool.

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Zwift Level 45

I reached Level 45 on Zwift and was finally allowed to buy the P5X…

Not sure how much faster i’ll go on it, but it looks cool and looks are always more important than speed.

And i also unlocked the Zipp 858/9 wheels, but sadly i’m a little short on the drops to buy them at the moment.   So a little more peddling to do before i have the P5X looking proper cool.

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Zwift Level 44

I reached Level 44 on Zwift and received a nice new suit to wear while i ride around.   There’s three different colours, but i like this one…

And i also unlocked the Safety Bike but some utter dick at Zwift thinks i should pay 3,550,000 drops for it…

I was looking forward to riding around on that, but i ain’t paying that much.   Ridiculous!!!   Utterly fucking ridiculous!!!

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Zwift Level 43

I reached Level 43 on Zwift a little while ago and received a silly hat to wear while i ride around.   So i thought what better an occasion to dig out the Buffalo bike and wheels and look totally silly…

I have no idea what is going through the mind of the idiot at Zwift who thinks that people who have worked their butts off to get to level 43 would want a silly hat as a reward for all their efforts.

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Garmin 40km Record

Not my fastest ever 40km, click here for that.

For some reason Garmin doesn’t always record my fastest times as records. Maybe because Garmin takes the time from the very start of the ride and not clipped out of the middle of it like Strava does.

But whatever, i improved my Garmin 40km by a fair bit, so i’m well happy with that.

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Rouvy ‘Legend’ Level…

Just completed ‘World Class’ level on Rouvy…

And i’m now a Rouvy Legend…

And that’s it.   All the levels completed, big bad boss beaten, game over, and all in 7 months — which i don’t think is too shabby for a 53 year old.

So now what?   Well, i’m going to finish my month’s subscription on Rouvy as it would be silly not to use it up as i do enjoy Rouvy, and then i’m going back to Zwift for a while.

WTF!   Yes, back to Zwift.   I’ve been getting lots of messages on VeloViewer about the Strava segment positions i set while i was previously on Zwift getting lower and lower and dragging my VeloViewer Score down — can’t have that!!!   So i really feel the need to go back to Zwift for a while and bump a few back up — call it vanity, i don’t care.   If one can’t have a bit of vanity in ones life then what’s the point of living?   But vanity, or not, not, is, is not, not is… it’s going to be interesting as all i’ve spent my time on while riding on Rouvy has just been getting used to riding in an aero tuck and getting all the power back that i lost when i switched over to using the tri-bars full time — which i think i’ve done and then some on top.   Anyways, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what times i can set on Zwift now in an aero tuck on tri-bars and compare them to the times i set previously on the tops and drops.   At least on Zwift they have the TT bike that has its algorithm set up to give the reduced drag of being in an aero tuck which isn’t the case on Rouvy.   On Rouvy everyone’s given a normal riding position drag coefficient and there’s no way of changing it.

I’m also quite interested to try out the new routes on Zwift as well and set a few times on those too.

I’m currently planning on coming back to Rouvy on 1st October 2019 and going for double Legend status — which means completing all levels twice through in the 12 months between 1st October 2019 and 30th September 2020, but i’ll have to see how i’m getting on with Zwift by then.

Then once that’s done it’ll probably be back to Zwift for a while to catch back up on things and then go off and find another platform to play on.   There’s quite a few different platforms out there now and i really would like to try them all eventually and complete all their levels as well.   Yeah, pure fucking vanity!

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Jaro’s Challenge…

92nd out of 211…

After the ‘TrainingPeaks 70.3 Challenge’ on Rouvy, this was quite the stuff for recovery days, so no, i really didn’t try much which is reflected in my 92nd place.

COULD HAVE DONE BETTER!!! …the teacher writes in thick red block caps all over my exam paper.

But hey, done is done, and it’s another challenge in the bag towards my next rung on the Rouvy Career ladder – there was nothing said in the challenge that people couldn’t take it easy.