2017 Totals…

All Activities…

Activities: 650
Distance: 7,208.27
Time: 671:33:18
Calories: 232,807
232,807 calories is over 4 stone of pure fat burned off your butt.


Activities: 217
Miles: 6,725.69
Time: 382:33:02
Calories: 176,176


Activities: 61
Miles: 392.13
Time: 80:15:43
Calories: 32,729


Activities: 1
Miles: 20.91
Time: 3:45:54
Calories: 381


Activities: 23
Miles: 69.50
Time: 33:48:40
Calories: 6,589


Activities: 297
Time: 112:29:07
Calories: 6,582

Yoga & Stretch…

Activities: 51
Time: 58:40:52
Calories: 10,349


I just joined Zwift, so if anyone wants to join me for a ride sometime, please do. Zwift is definitely a great way to pass away the time on the turbo trainer when you can’t get out on the road – or simply don’t want to get out on the road.

I’m ‘Growing Young’.

There’s also a treadmill version for runners too – winters and rainy days just got soooo much better. 😀

#gettingfitter #growingyoung #lovezwift #gozwift

First Olympic Distance Triathlon…

So after my few lazy days today was the big one. My first attempt at the full triathlon.

The swim was horrible with awful south westerly swells making everything a lot harder…


That’s 9 minutes longer than my last 1500m swim and that swim was after a 10.5km skate, so that’s nearly 25% extra effort due to the swells. But i got through it and hopped on the bike…


That went better than i thought it would. First time i’ve rode the bike straight after the swim.

Then it was back to the beach for the run, but the tide was coming in and i had to go run on the prom instead. I really hate running on tarmac, not very nice barefoot, but having got this far i wasn’t going to let a bit of tarmac keep me from my goal…


So yeah, now i’m a triathlete. It happened, it’s on Strava! 😀

So now what? Start training up to half ironman distance. So will start by increasing the swim to 1900 meters, keeping the bike and run as they are. Oooh yeah!

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