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The Big Sigma Collection: Volume 1 – Joseph Lallo

What a great collection. Having really enjoyed ‘Bypass Gemini’ i jumped straight into the rest of the books. This collection also features 3 short stories that give more background to some characters in the main novels, which were really enjoyable to read. I really can’t say enough about Joseph’s writing, i’m a total fan and read more »

Bypass Gemini (Big Sigma #1) – Joseph Lallo

Now this is a writer who is obviously having fun. Admittedly there’s a thin line between a writer having a lot of fun with a story and the story becoming a little ridiculous and this book does seem to skim a little close to that line on occasion, and then it’s just up to the read more »

Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy – Miyamoto Musashi

Another book that’s sat on my Kindle for years unread. But having just finished David Kirks’ books it really felt like the right time to read this. It’s hard to judge this book in any real contemporary terms because it simply has no place in the contemporary world. It’s an anachronism from a time and read more »

Cipher Hill (Free-Wrench #5) – Joseph Lallo

More wonderful, shenaniganic fun aboard ‘Wind Breaker’. Sadly, for now, this is the last book in Joseph’s ‘Free Wrench’ series, but i certainly hope he’ll be adding some more at some point. Captain Mack and the crew are just too much fun to leave them here forever. I really can’t say enough about Joseph’s writing, read more »

Sword of Honour – David Kirk

I loved this book. Far better than the first – which i gave 4 stars. Looking back over the 2 books it felt to me like David gained in confidence writing tales about Musashi and also that he has come to know him better – like he’s beginning to get inside his head more. But read more »

The Unwanted – Steam Punk

For a give away short story one maybe shouldn’t complain, but it takes time to read stories and i feel this was a waste of it. We are given characters who were raised and trained from childhood to fulfil their adult roles, who are apparently the best at what they do, but who then come read more »

Child of Vengeance – David Kirk

David has taken the tales of Miyamoto Musashi and created his own story from these, so some of this is loosely based in what is told of the real man and some of this is based entirely from David’s imagination. All told, it works really well, but there just seems a step too far here read more »

The Calderan Problem (Free-Wrench #4) – Joseph Lallo

It struck me while reading this book that the ‘Free-Wrench’ saga is pretty much a Steampunk version of ‘Firefly’. If you liked ‘Firefly’ then you’ll love this saga. Brilliant! All our favourite characters are back from the first three books and a few more new ones besides, the shenanigans get more complex as each book read more »

Free-Wrench Collection: Volume 1 – Joseph Lallo

Totally enjoyable! Having become a fan of Joseph’s writing with his ‘Book of Deacon’ saga i was pleasantly surprised when this turned up in my Bookbub alerts at 99p, and curious as to how he would get on in the Steampunk genre – i simply couldn’t resist. And i’m glad i didn’t resist. Joseph’s writing read more »

BUSHIDO:The Soul of Japan, An Exposition of Japanese Thought – Inazo Nitobe

I’ve always found Japanese history, particularly that of the Samurai, fascinating. But living on the other side of the world in a completely different time in a completely different culture one can never truly know what these people and the time and place they lived in was really like. What we can do is simply read more »