Annoying Food Choices – Hot Chocolate

A jar of Tesco own brand hot chocolate powder.Now this is something i really hate – hot chocolate.

Seriously people, look at the list of crap that they use for ingredients in this stuff…

Tesco Instant Hot Chocolate Drink

Sugar, Whey Permeate Powder (Milk), Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (11%), Dried Skimmed Milk, Coconut Oil, Dried Glucose Syrup, Stabilisers (Dipotassium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Carboxymethylcellulose, Sodium Polyphosphate), Milk Proteins, Emulsifier (Mono- and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids), Flavouring (contains Milk), Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide)

Options Instant Belgian Chocolate Drink

Whey Powder (Milk), Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (21%), Sugar, Thickeners (Acacia Gum, Xanthan Gum), Belgian Chocolate (7%) (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder, Flavouring), Dried Glucose Syrup, Skimmed Milk Powder, Coconut Oil, Whole Milk Powder, Salt, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Sweetener (Aspartame), Anti-Caking Agent (E551), Flavouring, Stabiliser (E340)

…and that was just the first 2 i pulled off Tesco’s website.

Don’t people actually give a fuck any more about their health, fitness, wellbeing and longevity? Obviously not if they’re buying this utterly toxic garbage.

Now i’m not saying don’t enjoy a nice cup of cocoa, everyone should have that pleasure, but there’s nice healthy ways of enjoying it and really crap nasty ways and hot chocolate mixes are really crap nasty ways.

Healthy ways…

Use pure cocoa powder – or if you really want to spoil yourself get some organic raw Criollo cacao – either is good and healthy as long as the ingredients on the packet only list one single ingredient – cocoa or cacao. Different cocoas and cacaos have different flavours (just like coffee does), there’s a few different species of cacao each with their own tastes and then the processing by different producers creates different fat contents, etc., as well, so do try some different ones at different quantities in your drinks until you find the one that you really like.

Sweeteners… Do not use artificial sweeteners as they are seriously bad for your health. They ruin your gut microbiome, they ruin your gut wall, they increase your risk of diabetes because they’ve ruined your microbiome and gut wall, they increase your risk of other diseases like cancer, they increase your desires for ever more sweeter products leading to ever increasing obesity because you’ll never be truly satisfied because nothing you ever eat again will be as sweet as these artificial sweeteners can make it.

Let us get one thing straight… Sugar does not cause diabetes, and anyone telling you it does is either utterly ignorant or looking to profit out of your ill health. Fat causes type 2 diabetes and dairy causes type 1 diabetes, neither are caused by sugar other than if you over consume loads of refined sugar which your body is then forced to convert it into fat in order to get the sugar out of your bloodstream – once again, it’s the fat that causes the diabetes not the sugar and you have to over consume approx 10,000 calories (that’s calories you don’t need) of pure sugar to get your body to produce 1kg of fat. Yes, absolute fact, your body needs about 10,000 calories of excess calories from carbs to make 1kg of fat – so, let’s be honest, a tsp or 2 in your cocoa is really not going to hurt.

And there’s actually lots of nice natural sweeteners for you to try. Start with raw cane sugar, i like Demerara in my drinks, but there’s lots of different raw cane sugars out there so try a few, they all have their own unique tastes to bring to your cocoa. Light cane has the mildest taste whereas Muscovado has one of the strongest with Demerara in the middle-ish. There’s also other nice natural sweeteners that bring their own unique tastes to your cocoa/cacao drink, like date syrup, agave nectar, maple syrup, etc.. Just make sure that you check the ingredients to ensure that you are buying the pure, natural product and not some adulterated, toxic garbage.

Do not use milk from animals as this will destroy all the health benefits of the cocoa/cacao. Dairy not only causes type 1 diabetes but it also destroys the efficacy of all anti-oxidants that you put in your stomach with it.

If you really must use milk for your cocoa then use a plant milk. Again, many different ones to try with their own unique flavours.

But why not try drinking it black? Yes, you can make a delicious cup of cocoa without any type of milk product (just like coffee and tea). Just simply add pure cocoa/cacao to a mug with a little raw cane sugar (adjust both to taste) and enjoy.

And you can really nice this up by following this recipe for one of the most super healthy drinks there possibly is…

2 tsp cocoa (adjust to taste)
1.5 tsp raw cane sugar, date syrup, maple syrup, etc. (adjust to taste)
1 peppermint tea bag
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp Ceylon cinnamon
400ml boiling water
Stir well, let settle and cool for a few minutes, stir well again.

Anyways, if you care about your health, fitness, longevity and quality of life, stop with the drinking hot chocolate mixes and mix your own from pure ingredients and make something unique and healthy.

Annoying Food Choices – Ginger

WTF is with people who peel ginger?

I can’t think of anything more stupid than wasting your time and money peeling something that doesn’t need peeling and throwing away valuable food and nutrients when you send the peel to landfill or compost.

Seriously people, you do not need to peel ginger. Just rinse any soil off and then chop, slice or grate it as it is.

Stop wasting good food please!!!


Annoying Things…

So i’ve decided to start this section of my blog as somewhere to rant about what i see in the world around me as silly, ridiculous, and even, downright annoying.

There’s only so much a sane person can take, and i really don’t think it’s good to keep it all bottled up, so here i shall rant and spew forth my vitriol upon the world around me.

Every blog needs a rant section. LOL


My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘2018 ROAD CYCLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Men Road Race’ route…

So after 2 days of HIIT sessions i was still feeling great and seeing as i had just under 2400Kj to burn to complete the latest Rouvy challenge (more on that in 10 days when the challenge actually ends) i decided i’d ride this and get the challenge finished early. To be honest i wasn’t too sure if my legs would hold out after the 2 previous day’s HIIT sessions so it was more a case of just starting it and seeing where my legs would last too – and they managed to last the whole route.

This was without a doubt a fair bit of ‘suffering’. So if you’re looking for a fair bit of suffering on your turbo trainer then look no further than this route on Rouvy.

I’m now really looking forward to seeing how fast the pro riders manage it in the World’s this year. After looking over at the website it says that the Elite Men’s race has to go around the short lap 7 times (that’s the second climb from the end on the picture above) before attacking that final climb. That penultimate climb is about 1500 feet each time around so it’s gonna be a well nasty course for them – there won’t be any big sprinters taking this race on. All the other road races at the World’s do a differing amount of times of that penultimate climb (from once for juniors up to 4 times for the Men’s Under 23) but only the Elite Men’s have that final climb after doing 7 time up and down that penultimate climb.

I’m writing this after just 5 hour’s sleep as i decided to get up and refuel before going back to bed in order to give my body a big boost of fresh nutrients to help with the recovery as my body will easily have used up all the nutrients i ate 6 hours ago. There’s a lot of different schools of thought on nutrition of fuelling and i have mine, and mine is definitely working wonderfully for me. So while my legs are extremely tired now as i write this, i’m sure that once i go back to bed with a new supply of nutrition in my blood stream my legs will feel a lot better in another 5 hours. Not that i’m going to do any training whatsoever today – total day off the legs after this one regardless, i feel i’ve certainly earned a day off this time.

#loverouvy #gettingfitter

Rouvy – Riessersee…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Riessersee’ route…

Another lovely ride through the Bavarian countryside, this one more on the gravel side which makes a lovely change from the roads (not that you feel any difference on the turbo).

I’m not too far off that pesky KOM which i could probably get if i took a few days off my training plan and totally went for it – but i’m not gonna do that just for a KOM. This was set on the second day of my weekly HIIT stuff which is immediately after the first day – i like to wring everything out like that, no rest days in between my HIIT sessions, rest days are for pussies. LOL

First HIIT day is 6 and 2 while second day i turn up the power but only do 3 and 2 which overall comes out at slightly lower watts as i’m at that higher power for a lot less time (hope i’m making sense?). I only just started playing around with this 2 day HIIT thing while i can’t run due to foot injury and it’s going really well so i’m sticking with until i go back to running in a few weeks as the day i’m using for the second HIIT session is normally one of my run days which, oddly enough, i was slowly building into a run HIIT session when i injured my foot.

Anyways, i’ll definitely be coming back to this route in the future as it’s a lovely route and my watts will have gone up some more so it’ll be interesting to see how much closer i can get to that KOM. All good stuff! 😀

#loverouvy #gettingfitter

Rouvy – Palmanova to Palma de Mallorca…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Palmanova to Palma de Mallorca’ route…

While there’s not much to be said for the elevation sync on this route, it is still very much an enjoyable ride for whenever you have an hour to blast out some watts on the peddles. I did originally have the KOM then lost it twice and got it back yesterday. So well happy with that – until someone comes along and takes it away again. All good fun though and keeps me motivated and training hard.

#loverouvy #gettingfitter

Rouvy – Oberschwaben-Unterland…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Oberschwaben-Unterland’ route…

Another beautiful sunny ride through the rolling roads of the Bavarian countryside. Definitely coming back to this at higher power as i was on a fairly easy ride day when i did this.

#loverouvy #gettingfitter

Rouvy – Oberallgäu…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Oberallgäu’ route…

A beautiful sunny ride through the rolling roads of the Bavarian countryside. I really like this route. It’s quite surprising that more people on Rouvy don’t ride the Bavarian routes, but at least it makes me look good on Strava – at least for now.

#loverouvy #gettingfitter

Rouvy – Haleakala…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Haleakala’ route…

In order to get my Rouvy Legend level award, i had this route left to ride and 2 challenges to complete. And this route fitted in really nicely with the first of those 2 challenges which is to burn 14,400 kJ in 4 weeks riding. Over 2,000 kJ were burned on this endeavour alone, so well on my way to completing the challenge as well.

It’s certainly an awesome climb, and if i ever get to do Kona i’ll make sure to do the real Haleakala while i’m on the islands.

#loverouvy #gettingfitter

PowerTap Endurance Challenge…

192nd out of 636…

So i did the absolute bare minimum to complete this challenge, but i’m being good and sticking with my training plan as much as possible. Admittedly i did go a little longer than planned, 32 minutes to be exact, on this ride but that was only as far as i needed. And that’s all i needed to do to get this challenge in the bag towards my Rouvy career, which is all that matters.

#loverouvy #gettingfitter