Rouvy — PowerTap Endurance Challenge

192nd out of 636.

So i did the absolute bare minimum to complete this challenge, but i’m being good and sticking with my training plan as much as possible.   Admittedly i did go a little longer than planned, 32 minutes to be exact, on this ride but that was only as far as i needed.   And that’s all i needed to do to get this challenge in the bag towards my Rouvy career — which is all that matters.

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Rouvy — Jaro’s Challenge

92nd out of 211.

After the ‘TrainingPeaks 70.3 Challenge’ on Rouvy, this was quite the stuff for recovery days, so no, i really didn’t try much which is reflected in my 92nd place.

COULD HAVE DONE BETTER!!!   …the teacher writes in thick red block caps all over my exam paper.

But hey, done is done, and it’s another challenge in the bag towards my next rung on the Rouvy Career ladder — there was nothing said in the challenge that people couldn’t take it easy.

#bicycles #bikes #cycling #fitness #gettingfitter #growingyoung #health #loverouvy #trophies #vegan #wfpb

2017 Totals…

All Activities…

Activities: 650
Distance: 7,208.27
Time: 671:33:18
Calories: 232,807
232,807 calories is over 4 stone of pure fat burned off your butt.


Activities: 217
Miles: 6,725.69
Time: 382:33:02
Calories: 176,176


Activities: 61
Miles: 392.13
Time: 80:15:43
Calories: 32,729


Activities: 1
Miles: 20.91
Time: 3:45:54
Calories: 381


Activities: 23
Miles: 69.50
Time: 33:48:40
Calories: 6,589


Activities: 297
Time: 112:29:07
Calories: 6,582

Yoga & Stretch…

Activities: 51
Time: 58:40:52
Calories: 10,349

Watopia Monster…

My fastest forward lap time on my own constructed ‘Watopia Monster’ course…

At the time it covered every single road on Watopia both ways, like the Pretzel used to do before they added the volcano and jungle extensions.   I put in a request with Zwift to have this made into an official Watopia course but Zwift ignored my suggestion and made up their own which didn’t include the Radio Tower and didn’t ride every road both ways.

Anyways, even with the extra roads added since, this is still a great course to ride, and rather a challenge, not only in length and elevation but also in steering.


The Morning After the Day Before…

So how do i feel this morning after riding 200 miles in one day?

Beat up.

My left knee is a little twingey, as is my right foot and my undercarraige is very tender indeed. Muscle wise i feel fine, a little achey in the calves but other than that nothing major at all.

What yesterday did teach me was that my muscles aren’t the problem, which is good to know, it’s the joints and seat that need to strengthen and that can only come with time. So i’m going to have to change my training program a little and put the strength work back in and get that sorted. Which will certainly mean taking a hit on the endurance for a while but it’ll be worth it in the end.

All in all though, feeling really proud of myself for a great day’s effort on the bike and doing my very best to help Zwift reach the million mile target for World Bicycle Relief.

Zwift – Tour Italy

Finally completed the Tour Italy challenge on Zwift…

…and i got awarded the Pinarello Dogma for my troubles:

Nice bike!

Now all i’ve got left is the Climbing Challenge to complete.   Haven’t heard back from Zwift as to whether they’ve fixed the issue with it or not, so i’ll just have to keep climbing away and see how it goes.   It’ll certainly be nice to get off the flat courses and start to get a bit of undulation back into my Zwift experience.

They’ve already given me the Tron bike for completing it because i’ve actually climbed more than 50,000 meters but the fault kept taking my meters off the total.   And other than that there’s no more challenges or levels left on Zwift for me to complete at the moment.   There’s a 100 mile Achievement to still do and a few power based achievements as well, but as those are outside of my current training plan i’ve no intention of going after them for the foreseeable future.   Can’t really see myself banging out 700 watts for quite some time to come.

Hopefully Zwift will be adding some more levels and challenges soon.   They’ve created blank spaces for some to be added so hopefully it won’t be too long.

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