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Don’t Exercise, It Won’t Do You Any Good… #youarebeingfarmed

So now we have this piece of utter nonsense… ‘Exercise “not key to obesity fight”‘. Firstly, let get one thing straight. Activity and exercise are not the same thing. Going for a walk is not exercise, it’s just an activity. Bear that in mind if you want to lose weight. When i walk, which i read more »

Children Dying From Scurvy – have our diets got that bad…

It’s utterly shocking, and also saddening, that a child in the UK has died from scurvy… ‘Dylan Seabridge, aged eight, died of scurvy, says coroner’. This is 2015, we are one of the richest nations on the planet, and yet children are suffering from vitamin C deficiency to the point that they’re dying from scurvy! read more »