Barefooters have some uses then…

I can’t help but love this article…

‘The “barefooters” giving bowls a new vibe’.

I’ve looked at bowling greens a few times and wondered if they’d mind. It always seemed such a lovely game for a pleasant summer evening with friends.

Great to see us barefooters being of some use to OAP’s. 😀

So anyone up for a game of barefoot bowling in Exmouth sometime?

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I sometimes despair at the level of journalism in the UK. Today i was looking for an update on Michael Schumacher’s condition – still critical but stable – and good old Google took me to The Daily Mail. Now if there were ever a place to despair at the level of biased, crap journalism then look no further than The Daily Mail.

While reading about Michael’s condition i noticed a link to this article…
So that’s why your feet are giving you grief! Simple steps you can take to beat the toll of ageing

Not anywhere in the article where it suggests “Action:” to take to alleviate the problem being discussed does it mention going barefoot as an alternative.

It also states that the writer had the help of leading experts to write the article – experts in what may i ask? Nowhere does Diana mention who these experts are or what their speciality is. One thing i can guarantee is that they don’t know anything about feet and foot health problems, because not one of them suggests going barefoot as a solution.

All the problems in that article are caused by wearing shoes – all of them. So obviously the solution to all of them is to not wear shoes.

I started living my life barefoot in 2004. The excruciating pain of osteoarthritis that i used to suffer (which i developed in my mid thirties) disappeared almost instantly. I went from not being able to walk to town to being able to go hill walking like i used to when i was 20, simply by stopping wearing shoes. Yes, i do go hill walking barefoot.

But alas, our society expects people to wear shoes. Why?

We have a fixation within our society for making people wear shoes that Muslim countries have for making women wear head-scarves. And from my own experience of living barefoot there are definitely people within the UK that would happily stone a barefoot person to death if they were legally allowed to. Why?

But the difference between head-scarves and shoes is simply that head-scarves don’t cripple you.

Had i continued wearing shoes when the osteoarthritis set in and went down the standard medical route of painkillers and anti-inflamitaries that are commonly prescribed for this condition, i would have had knee replacement surgery by now. The cost to the NHS for knee and hip replacements and all the other medical help and prescriptions that go along with it is astronomical and totally unneeded. Yet the doctors, the drug pushers for Big Pharma, continue this treatment practice – why? Because Big Pharma makes billions every year from osteoarthritis medication and operations. The damage done by wearing shoes is big business, so in a capitalist society where the sole goal of all corporate entities is to maximise profits shoes must be a requirement – just as head-scarves for women are in a Muslim society.

To put it simply… Shoes are a corporate tax on walking!

Anyone who has had a look down the right side bar of this website will have noticed “Why should you go barefoot?” in the links section. A far more researched and correct approach to foot health and overall well-being than The Daily Mail article and well worth a read.

Now i’m not saying that everyone should just throw their shoes away. There are times when footwear is necessary – like clearing brambles – but footwear isn’t necessary every moment of the day. If you work in an office then there really is no need to wear shoes. If you’re at home then there really is no need to wear shoes. If you’re going to the newsagent to buy your copy of The Daily Mail…

dennis_20030711…i hope you get my point.

Give your feet a chance to be feet for as many minutes in the day as you can, else you’ll pay for it when you get older.

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