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One Year, No Beer…

I was listening to the No Meat Athlete Podcast episode, ‘One Year, No Beer?’ Worth a listen to, and check out the ‘One Year No Beer’ website also. Disclaimer… the ‘One Year No Beer’ had nothing whatsoever to do with my quitting alcohol. But i’m now at 308 days 13 hours sober and thought i read more »

The Pleasure Trap (book review)… #youarebeingfarmed

The Pleasure Trap by Douglas J Lisle is probably one of the most important books for surviving the modern age. My take on it is this… When Homo sapiens first stood upon the Earth we were born into a savage garden where most things either wanted to eat us or were poisonous, and if we read more »

Suffer From Migraines…

For anyone suffering from migraines, watch this video… Personally i consume 2 ounces of fresh root ginger a day. It’s delicious. Throw it in everything and you really can’t go wrong. Ginger is one of the most healthy foods that you can put into your body. Best wishes.

Even Medical Experts Are Agreeing With Me… #youarebeingfarmed

After my ‘Should the NHS Fund Statins’ rant last month, it seems that i’m not alone in thinking these things… ‘Medical experts furious that doctors will be paid to dole out “risky” statins’. The idea that a healthy liver should be medicated simply to make more profit for Big Pharma and for no other reason read more »

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You… #youarebeingfarmed

Following on from my recent post… ‘Should The NHS Fund Statins… #youarebeingfarmed’ during which i mentioned how truly ineffective statins actually were, here’s some further food for thought… If all doctors were to inform their patients of the actual rates of side effects of most drugs and compare them to the actual results that these read more »

Should The NHS Fund Statins… #youarebeingfarmed

The cost to the NHS last year for statin prescriptions was £769,000,000 – that’s over £3/4 billion. This year, because NICE have recommended that statins be offered to people with only a 10% risk factor rather than a 20% risk factor, this bill is set to more than double. But we have a health care read more »

How To Avoid Cancer…

A great little video on what veggies are anti-carcinogenic, ergo, what veggies cure cancer… Off course, don’t expect them to work if you keep shoving carcinogenic foods into your mouth, like meat, dairy and eggs, and smoking as well as other bad things – that would be silly, wouldn’t it? Why doesn’t your doctor tell read more »

From Table to Able: Combating Disabling Diseases with Food…

Spare one single hour of your life to watch this presentation by Dr Michael Greger M.D. One single hour of your time now to learn how to save yourself years of life and years of suffering… The science is all there. Your health is your choice. Best wishes.

Sporting Futures…

I was reading this article earlier… Gene doping: Sport’s biggest battle?. It does raise some good points. I especially liked the last paragraph… It seems, though, that the nature of gene doping will make drawing that line technically difficult and ethically awkward. The authorities, the athletes, the fans may need to agree a whole new read more »