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Kindle Worm is Finished

Yes folks, i’ve finally finished the making of my new website… Kindle Worm. So please go and have a look and marvel at the ‘Truly Scrumptious’ webdesign (sorry, couldn’t resist that LOL ) and maybe even get inspired to read a book or two while you’re there. #readbooks #lovekindle #bookreviews #books #reading #kindleworm

The Little White Bird; or, Adventures in Kensington Gardens – J.M. Barrie

I got this book as it is the very book wherein Peter Pan makes his first appearance. The parts of this book that include Peter Pan were published later as ‘Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens’ which is not to be confused with the full Peter pan story, which was subsequently published as ‘Peter and Wendy’. read more »

Gingerbread – Robert Dinsdale

Having been totally blown away by Robert’s 3rd book, ‘The Toymakers’ i put him into ‘Bookbub’ as one of my saved writers and when this, Robert’s 2nd book, popped up, i didn’t need asking twice to read more of Robert’s words. And i wasn’t disappointed. As with ‘The Toymakers’ there’s the PTSD element in one read more »

Bridge of Sighs – Laura Morelli

This was a free offering from Laura for signing up to her newsletter when i got to the end of ‘The Gondola Maker’. As shorts go it’s a good well written piece in much the same style as ‘The Gondola Maker’ at around the same time and place. My only gripe is that i wanted read more »

Babel-17 – Samuel R. Delany

One of the most imaginative sci-fi novels i’ve ever read.. I only bought it because i was looking for a book i read about 30 years ago that i can’t remember the title of and thought this may have been it, but it wasn’t. But i’m certainly not disappointed to have picked up the wrong read more »

A Child at Heart – Christopher Phillips

Or to give it its full title… ‘A Child at Heart: Unlocking Your Creativity, Curiosity, and Reason at Every Age and Stage of Life’. Those of us interested in longevity and remaining young, fit and healthy as long as possible, realise early on that it all begins in the mind. If the mind is not read more »

The Gondola Maker: A Novel of 16th-Century Venice – Laura Morelli

I’ve never been to Venice and other than, it’s got canals, i know nothing about the place, so i can genuinely say that it’s not required to enjoy this book. Our protagonist, Luca, is the oldest son of one of Venices finest gondola makers, and when he completely burns his bridges (literally) on his future read more »

Magnificent Devices Bundle, Volume 1 – Shelley Adina

While i found most of this rather ridiculous, like Clair, our 17 year old protagonist, is James Bond on super miraculous, mentally and physically, performance enhancing drugs or something, it is still at the same time a rather enjoyable read. 12 days to get through 4 books isn’t too shabby for me so it obviously read more »

Meadowland: the private life of an English field – John Lewis-Stempel

A beautiful book from a wonderful writer. The reader is transported to a working Herefordshire farm where they journey through the life of a real, English meadow from Jan 1st to Dec 31st, wonderfully detailing what most wouldn’t notice but what, to a meadow, are crucially important aspects of its eco system. Sadly, and i read more »

Temporal Contingency (Big Sigma Book 4) – Joseph Lallo

Another great addition to this incredible series. I’m not usually a fan of temporal sci-fi stuff as most of what’s out there tends to run up its own arse and leave the reader or viewer with their heads shoved up there’s, but this book doesn’t feel like that – Joseph plays some great temporal ‘get read more »