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Chasing Excellence – Ben Bergeron

A very interesting book for those into achieving extreme levels of performance in their lives. Although it’s based in the world of Crossfit (which i have no interest in whatsoever) and written by a top Crossfit coach, this book is suitable for all kinds of people who want to achieve excellence in their chosen path. read more »

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

Wow! That was a total head trip and a half. While i’m not a subscriber to the multiverse theory, that didn’t detract from the story at all. I was just totally swept along at an amazing pace, i just didn’t want to stop reading. Every spare moment i had for 2 days had my face read more »

Dangerous Gifts (Babylon Steel, #2) – Gaie Sebold

This book follows on perfectly from ‘Babylon Steel’, with all the usual characters we were introduced to in that book. And it’s much the same kind of fantasy stuff that really isn’t for children as there’s a fair amount of sex and some quite graphic descriptions of interspecies relationships – Babylon is a whore house read more »

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert M. Pirsig

It’s one of those ubiquitous books that’s kept turning up on library shelves, charity shop shelves and bookshop shelves throughout my life and yet i’ve always walked away from it – until now. I’ve always had quite a deep interest in Zen and it always seemed to me that putting it with motorcycle maintenance just read more »

Babylon Steel (Babylon Steel, #1) – Gaie Sebold

Wow, what a great story. I really enjoyed this book. After reading some YA fantasy lately it was definitely time for some grown-up’s fantasy and this really fit the bill. The only thing i’m unhappy about is that i’m utterly skint until i get paid on Tuesday so i can’t buy the second book until read more »

The First Adventure: Feyland Series Prequel Novella – Anthea Sharp…

I’m glad i didn’t pay anything for this, the Kindle edition being free, as free is all it’s worth. I was expecting a lot more about Jennet’s history prior to Feyland #1, which is what this book is supposed to be about. But all it does is gloss over a few things that are already read more »

Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness – Peter Godfrey-Smith

One incredibly interesting book for anyone who enjoys learning about evolution – and cephalopods, of course. Written by a philosopher, the writing is really accessible and really engages the reader – unlike a lot of scientists’ approach to this subject – and dives deep into the world of the evolution of large brains and intelligence read more »

The Twilight Kingdom (Feyland #3) – Anthea Sharp…

I quite enjoyed that. As i said about the first book in this trilogy, if you can get over the YA thing and just focus on the Faerie mixed up with VR thing then these books are really good. As i also said, the worse thing about this trilogy was Tam’s back story and family read more »

The Bright Court (Feyland #2) – Anthea Sharp…

Just like the first book in this series, i had to give it 4 stars, and for similar reasons. While this book didn’t let Tam’s ridiculous family issues interfere with the story line as much as the first book, i kept finding myself bracing myself for another onslaught of it, which thankfully, this time, was read more »

The Dark Realm (Feyland #1) – Anthea Sharp

I gave this book a go because i got the first 3 books of the series on an Amazon 99p thing and i liked the idea of Faerie being able to bridge through VR. The good bit was the Faerie and VR stuff, all really well done and really enjoyable. The not so good bit read more »