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A Child at Heart – Christopher Phillips

Click on image to buy the book. Or to give it its full title… ‘A Child at Heart: Unlocking Your Creativity, Curiosity, and Reason at Every Age and Stage of Life’. Those of us interested in longevity and remaining young, fit and healthy as long as possible, realise early on that it all begins in read more »

The Gondola Maker: A Novel of 16th-Century Venice – Laura Morelli

Click on image to buy the book. I’ve never been to Venice and other than, it’s got canals, i know nothing about the place, so i can genuinely say that it’s not required to enjoy this book. Our protagonist, Luca, is the oldest son of one of Venices finest gondola makers, and when he completely read more »

Magnificent Devices Bundle, Volume 1 – Shelley Adina

Click on image to buy the book. While i found most of this rather ridiculous, like Clair, our 17 year old protagonist, is James Bond on super miraculous, mentally and physically, performance enhancing drugs or something, it is still at the same time a rather enjoyable read. 12 days to get through 4 books isn’t read more »

The First Adventure: Feyland Series Prequel Novella – Anthea Sharp…

Click on image to buy the book. I’m glad i didn’t pay anything for this, the Kindle edition being free, as free is all it’s worth. I was expecting a lot more about Jennet’s history prior to Feyland #1, which is what this book is supposed to be about. But all it does is gloss read more »

The Twilight Kingdom (Feyland #3) – Anthea Sharp…

Click on image to buy the book. I quite enjoyed that. As i said about the first book in this trilogy, if you can get over the YA thing and just focus on the Faerie mixed up with VR thing then these books are really good. As i also said, the worse thing about this read more »

The Bright Court (Feyland #2) – Anthea Sharp…

Click on image to buy the book. Just like the first book in this series, i had to give it 4 stars, and for similar reasons. While this book didn’t let Tam’s ridiculous family issues interfere with the story line as much as the first book, i kept finding myself bracing myself for another onslaught read more »

The Dark Realm (Feyland #1) – Anthea Sharp

Click on image to buy the book. I gave this book a go because i got the first 3 books of the series on an Amazon 99p thing and i liked the idea of Faerie being able to bridge through VR. The good bit was the Faerie and VR stuff, all really well done and read more »

Gulliver’s Travels – Jonathan Swift

Click on image to buy the book. I decided to read this after reading ‘The Toymakers’, in which ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ gets more than a passing mention. I used to think that ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ was a children’s book, but how wrong i was. Maybe that’s the way the establishment wants everyone to think about it, but read more »

The Toymakers – Robert Dinsdale

Click on image to buy the book. When this book came up on Bookbub as a 99p deal i was immediately attracted to it. Yes, i do judge books by their covers, and also by their titles. So i went to Amazon to check it out and it stated that it would suit those who read more »

Red Queen – Christina Henry

Click on image to buy the book. I really enjoyed reading ‘Alice’ and was expecting a bit more of the same, but this book feels quite different. Whereas Alice had me feeling like i was reading the adventure of an escaped patient from a max security mental hospital who hasn’t had her meds and has read more »