Even Medical Experts Are Agreeing With Me…

After my ‘Should the NHS Fund Statins’ rant last month, it seems that i’m not alone in thinking these things…

‘Medical experts furious that doctors will be paid to dole out “risky” statins’.

The idea that a healthy liver should be medicated simply to make more profit for Big Pharma and for no other reason is disgusting, and any doctor who is prescribing medication simply because they are being incentivised with money should be struck off for mal practice.

As i said in my recent post ‘What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You… #youarebeingfarmed’

The medical community and Big Pharma make far too much money out of your sickness, so of course you can’t expect your doctor to tell you the truth, he’s incentivised to keep you sick.

…has, i think, been fully supported by this Sunday Express article.

I can at least take some solace in the fact that there are senior health care professionals out there who are in agreement with me and willing to speak out on this at last.

When the NHS is struggling so badly for money, we now have doctors being bribed to medicate their patients’ healthy livers in order to give them a whole raft of side effects that will require further medication and medical intervention while all the time politicians, with their own snouts in Big Pharma’s gravy trough, are trying to convince the electorate that the only solution is to throw even more money into Big Pharma’s coffers through the NHS.

Who benefits?   The only people who benefit from any of this are doctors, who own a lot of shares in Big Pharma corporations themselves, and other shareholders of Big Pharma corporations — like wealthy politicians — and also political parties who are funded by them.   Certainly, very few people being prescribed statins will benefit at all, and most people being prescribed statins will suffer worse for it.

Isn’t it about time that all Big Pharma share holders were made public?   I would love to know how many health care professionals in this country, and their close relatives, have shares in pharmaceutical corporations, and then i’d love to see the prescribing practices of those health care professionals in relation to which corporations they were having a preference for in their prescribing habits.   Now that would certainly be an interesting read!

At the end of the day, there are simply too many people with their snouts in the trough.   It’s up to you to change your lifestyle and diet to avoid any of this.   Stop being farmed!

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What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You…

Following on from my recent post… ‘Should The NHS Fund Statins… #youarebeingfarmed’ during which i mentioned how truly ineffective statins actually were, here’s some further food for thought…

If all doctors were to inform their patients of the actual rates of side effects of most drugs and compare them to the actual results that these drugs give in treating their conditions and possible outcomes, not many people would take any medication at all.

And it’s not just the side effects of drugs prescribed by doctors that are literally killing thousands of people each week, just watch this following video and see what else your doctor isn’t telling you about your prognosis when left in the hands of the medical professionals…

And those figures don’t even begin to measure the debilitating side effects caused by prescription drugs and medical treatments that don’t actually kill patients.   If they’re killing that many, one has to ask, how many are they leaving seriously disabled with non fatal injuries?

As the second video says, the best solution is to avoid needing their intervention in the first place.   If you think that you can just shove your face full of crap food and have a great life because your doctor will fix everything then you need to seriously think again!

The medical community and Big Pharma make far too much money out of your sickness, so of course you can’t expect your doctor to tell you the truth, he’s incentivised to keep you sick.

You don’t have to be farmed like this, the choice is yours, eat healthy, exercise and get a good lifestyle!

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How To Avoid Cancer

A great little video on what veggies are anti-carcinogenic, ergo, what veggies cure cancer…

Off course, don’t expect them to work if you keep shoving carcinogenic foods into your mouth, like meat, dairy and eggs, and smoking as well as other bad things – that would be silly, wouldn’t it?

Why doesn’t your doctor tell you this? Because doctors are only trained to, and bribed to, prescribe drugs for Big Pharma and make profits for Big Pharma, they’re not trained in nutrition. In my whole life i’ve never been spoken to by a doctor about my diet, yet they’re all too quick to pull out that prescription. Doctors make a lot of money and most of them invest it in shares in pharmaceutical corporations and then prescribe the drugs from their preferred pharmaceutical corporation (the one they have shares in) to you to make the doctors more money. Doctors don’t actually care about your health and wellbeing, healthy patients don’t make doctors any money whatsoever!

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More On Eggs

So i got bombarded with a load of junk about eggs being good for you. Supposedly citing studies that show the new science that disproves all that previous nonsense.

Once again, i beg to differ.

Here’s the first article i was pointed to as proof that eggs are good for you…

‘6 Reasons Why Eggs Are The Healthiest Food on The Planet’.

Let’s look at what it says about fats from part 2. Eggs Improve Your Cholesterol Profile and do NOT Raise Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

The thing is, many studies show that eggs actually improve your cholesterol profile.

Eggs tend to raise HDL (the “good”) cholesterol and they tend to change the LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol to a large subtype which is not associated with an increased risk of heart disease

One study discovered that 3 whole eggs per day reduced insulin resistance, raised HDL and increased the size of LDL particles in men and women with metabolic syndrome (5).

Let’s read this properly shall we?

‘Eggs tend to raise HDL’, does not mean that they do so in such a way as to be beneficial. What this page fails to state is that eggs raise LDL far more than they raise HDL. It’s nice to just leave the bad things out while only stating the good things.

‘and they tend to change the LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol to a large subtype which is not associated with an increased risk of heart disease’ only states that ‘they tend to’. It doesn’t state, or show, that the large increase in LDL caused by egg consumption, omitted here because it doesn’t suit the author, is changed to any significant level for it to make any difference even if large LDL was perfectly ok.

But the truth is is that large LDL has not been shown to be harmless. It has only been shown to be less harmful than small LDL. Like saying that being stabbed by a knife is better for you than being shot with a gun. Mmmm…

Let’s look at some proper science on the subject and see where all this nonsense actually came from…

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Labour Finally Admit A Health Problem

‘Caps on fat, salt and sugar promised by Labour’.

So the Labour Party admit that voluntary agreements with Big Food do not work. They accept that fats, salt and sugar in people’s diets are causing massive health problems in this country. And what’s their solution…

Maximum limits would be set on levels of fat, salt and sugar in food marketed to children.

So things like energy drinks, pies, cakes and any other junk that Big Food can say, ‘Well it’s marketed at adults, not children!’ can continue to have as much fat, salt and sugar added to it as Big Food want to put in it.

The whole policy is a joke. If government parties are admitting that these things are bad and that Big Food isn’t going to do anything about them through voluntary agreements, then why only target food marketed at children? Why not target food marketed at everyone?

There is a massive health crisis in this country. The NHS is about to go bankrupt. And all the Conservative party can come up with is voluntary agreements with their pals in Big Food, and all Labour can come up with is a piecemeal policy aimed at food that is specifically marketed at children which Big Food will easily get around by simply showing that they didn’t specifically market it at children.

So why only aimed at children? Because Labour want to look like they’re doing something to deal with the ever increasing deaths from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases caused by diet, but they also know that they have to allow Big Food to continue to market this crap to everyone through loopholes to fuel Big Food and Big Pharma’s profits. Let’s be clear here, Big Food spends more money on advertising in a single year than Labour have spent in election campaigns in a century, and Big Food can easily afford to up that advertising and also pour huge amounts of funding into friendly political parties’ campaign funds to oppose them if Labour politicians get too out of line. So Labour will just pick on the little ones because they don’t get to vote.

But can you imagine this policy in action? Is a penguin biscuit marketed at adults or children? How does one make a distinction between the two? It’s got a picture of an adult penguin on it then it’s ok but if it’s a baby penguin it’s not? And will sweet shops be banned from selling sweets to anyone under 18 because that would mean they had been marketed to children?

As i said earlier, the whole policy is a joke. It’s simply designed to show voters that Labour have at least a policy for dealing with our obesity/health epidemic – albeit a pathetic one that will not work at all. Big Food and Big Pharma have too much money and power for any political party to go on the offensive against them.

At least they’re claiming to be doing something positive though, eh?

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Healthy Fat in Healthy Eggs

So today someone said to me that i was talking ‘rubbish’ when i said that eggs were bad for you. It was pointed out to me that the new evidence is very clear that eggs only contain ‘good fats’ so therefore they are healthy.

Well i beg to differ.

This so called, ‘new evidence’ is not what it seems.

The egg industry who took a huge beating when it was found that the fat, amongst other things, like salmonella, in eggs was seriously bad for us wanted to even the scales.

Like other industries, such as tobacco, dairy and meat, the egg industry have come up with studies that it designed that don’t disprove any of the original science that showed that eggs were bad for health, simply because they couldn’t disprove any of it. Instead they just re-word things, omit huge swathes of evidence, perform the most twisted statistical analyses upon the data, and then only serve up the nicest bits of the results while totally omitting anything that they don’t like within the science that would be bad for profits…

So before you go believing the ‘new science’, have a good look at the studies, see who has funded them and what isn’t being said, not just what is said. The egg industry don’t care at all about people’s health. They care about making profit and nothing else whatsoever. If a million people have to die from diseases caused by eggs in order for the egg industry to make a billion profit, then so be it! Profit is god!

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From Table to Able: Combating Disabling Diseases with Food

Spare one single hour of your life to watch this presentation by Dr Michael Greger M.D. One single hour of your time now to learn how to save yourself years of life and years of suffering…

The science is all there. Your health is your choice.

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Being A Vegan Made Me Ill

A great article for your perusal…

Are You A Sickly Vegetarian (Vegan)?

So i’ve been wandering around the internet conversing with and reading posting by other vegans, and ex-vegans, seeing what i can learn.

One of the things that strikes me is how many ex-vegans claimed to have become sick and ill due to their vegan diet.

Yet one thing they all have in common, is junk/processed food. All were eating bread, a highly processed product made with highly refined ingredients, and completely un-wholefood. Several were eating tofu, once again, a highly processed product made with highly refined ingredients – and in most cases – chemicals to curdle the soya milk with. A few were eating seitan, a highly refined wheat protein garbage junk food.

It makes me wonder that if they admit openly to eating these products (even while some are claiming to be wholefood vegans – WTF!) what else are they eating and drinking that they’re not admitting to?

Certainly one thing that strikes me in the above three items is the obvious paranoia that some vegans have for getting enough protein. Drinking gallons of soya milk, eating tofu and seitan and bread because they either think, or know, that their diet doesn’t have enough protein in it.

It’s completely ridiculous!

I cannot imagine any wholefood vegan diet being deficient in protein. For a start, how many people have you ever encountered that have been hospitalised for protein deficiency? The only people that i’m aware of who suffer any protein deficiency are calorie restricting dieters and people suffering famine. I’m not aware of any wholefood vegan that has ever suffered from protein deficiency. If a wholefood vegan diet caused a protein deficiency then i’m sure there would be far more illnesses associated with this diet, when in fact there are incredibly few cases of any illnesses that are massively prevalent in every other diet.

We actually do not need as much protein as dieticians would have us believe. The current protein levels suggested are heavily influenced by Big Meat and Big Dairy and they have a very big interest in keeping people scared that they’re not getting enough protein.

What’s annoying is that people are so quick to blame their vegan diet for their ills and woes, when in fact they should be blaming the junk/processed foods and drinks that they’re consuming. Even if you aren’t a vegan, most of your ills will not come from a healthy, wholefood, meat and veg diet, most of your ills will come from junk/processed foods.

Wake up and throw the processed junk garbage away – it’s pure poison! If it has a list of ingredients then it’s adulterated garbage. Buy wholefood, no matter if you’re veggie, vegan, fruitarian, meat eating, paleo or whatever, you’ll be much healthier for it.

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Apparently I’m Not A Vegan…

So i was having a conversation yesterday and some vegan suggested that i’m not a vegan because veganism is all about the ethics and as i’m primarily eating a ‘vegan’ diet for health and fitness reasons then i can’t be considered a vegan because i’m not in it primarily for the ethics.

The conversation had started with me comparing junk vegans (who eat processed food) to wholefood vegans in the context of diabetes causes, and this obviously upsets junk vegans as they don’t like having their diet put down. In studies where wholefood vegans are isolated from other groups there are no incidences of diabetes whatsoever, yet in studies where all vegans are lumped in together, junk through to wholefood, there are diabetics. One can therefore assume that junk veganism is bad for one’s health – which to me seems pretty obvious.

Just because you’re a vegan doesn’t mean that you’re going to be healthy. If you still drink coca cola and eat ‘vegan’ pizza with high fructose corn syrup and other adulterants, or chose some of this plastic pseudo meat made from some veg protein extract produced in a chemical vat somewhere on an industrial estate, then you are obviously going to be opening yourself up to health issues as this stuff isn’t food and it isn’t what the human body evolved to eat and get health from.

Let us be under no illusion, Big Food (the food corporations) don’t want people escaping from their clutches by going vegan. So they produce this plastic synthetic garbage food and label it as ‘Suitable for vegans’ and there are a bunch of vegans out there who go to the shop and the only label that they look for is the ‘Suitable for vegans’ label. They don’t care what’s in their food, they only care about getting something easy to cook/heat up and shove in their mouths so they can claim to be ethical while not really caring at the same time.

But the issue is this… is it truly ethical to be a junk vegan?

Junk food, whether vegan or not, is not good for the environment whatsoever. Processed food and it’s manufacturers, Big Food, don’t care about the environmental damage they cause, they only seek to maximise profits by whatever means it takes. So if you are a junk vegan buying your junk food from Big Food corporations, then you obviously don’t care about the environment either – where’s your vegan ethics now? All too happy to put your environmental ethics aside when it comes to buying whatever makes your life easier, buying manufactured garbage masquerading as food in a plastic tray that you can heat up in your microwave and not have any washing up – but it says ‘Suitable for vegans’ so that’s ethical enough for you.

At the end of the day, any vegan who doesn’t care about their personal health is hardly doing vegan ethics a favour if all they end up doing is showing the world how vegans can still be obese, get cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

A wholefood vegan who primarily cares about their health is a far better advert for this way of life than any junk vegan. I changed back to being a vegan again because of wholefood vegan ultra-athletes that i could see were getting fantastic results from their diets. I would not have become a vegan because some junk vegan started nagging me about the ethics of eating animals while they stand there incapable of being healthy, unable to run, swim or cycle any reasonable distance, while eating a plastic, tasteless, over salted pizza and drinking a can of coca cola.

A wholefood vegan message to the world is simple. Eat this and you will drastically limit, if not cut out altogether, your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and many other diseases. Eat this and you will be able, with a little training, to run 10 miles at least, to open water swim 1 mile at least, to cycle 25 miles at least. Eat this and you will live a full and healthy life.

And the side effect of that, even though you maybe only did it for your own selfish reasons, is that you don’t support the abuse of animals for food, you don’t support the wrecking of the environment to grow beef and dairy and eggs and produce junk food. Those ethics are all just an added bonus that you don’t need to get on your high horse about.

And those vegans who do primarily care about the ethics of the treatment of animals and/or the environment should think about how much easier it is to spread their message to others and to get others to adopt a vegan lifestyle if they simply approach it from a health, fitness and wellbeing angle. People pay much more attention to your message when they have something to gain from it. If all you do is attack people, criticise them and slag them off, for eating a beef burger or drinking a cup of milk then you will not change anything, if anything you make people hate veganism and entrench them even more firmly in their lifestyle – and that, in the bigger picture, isn’t really ethical, now is it?

I see it as a very simple thing… if it needs a label to tell you it’s vegan, then don’t eat it. My local greengrocers doesn’t have labels on anything, and it’s obvious that it’s all vegan, it’s all fresh, whole, fruit and veg. A packet of black eye peas doesn’t need a label to say it’s vegan, they’re seeds that will grow into plants if you put them in soil and water them.

So stop eating this processed junk and do your ethics a big favour by showing people what a truly healthy and magical way of life veganism is when it’s wholefood style.

Food for thought…

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Cancer Treatment…

An article on the BBC shows how Big Pharma are milking tax payers with over inflated costs for cancer medicines. It states just how upset big pharma UK is with not getting paid extortionate costs for their useless medicines.

Useless? Yes, useless. Make no mistake, these medicines do not cure cancer, and neither do they prevent it. They simply keep a patient alive longer so that Big Pharma can make ever more profits out of the sick. More people are dying from cancer now than ever before, but the medicines keep getting more expensive even though they are proving more and more to be totally ineffectual at curing cancer.

Big Pharma do not want to cure cancer, cancer makes them too much profit for them to wish it cured. The cancer industry is just that, an industry. It is worth mega billions of dollars each year and it’s not going to bite the hand that feeds it with a cure. Just consider how many billions have been given to cancer research, but what have cancer research done with those billions? You never see cancer research charities telling everyone what cures their billions have made.

However, it is a fact that most cancers are caused by diet, and can be prevented by diet…

Over 90% of cancers are caused by environment, less than 10% by genetics. Of the environmental causes, Diet, 30-35% is directly diet related. Obesity, 10-20%, and alcohol, 4-6%, are also diet related, although inderectly. Tobacco claims 25-30% of all cancers caused by environment – again, completely preventable. Infections, 15-20%, and one has to question how many of these infections would have been prevented with a healthy diet? Infections caused by type 2 diabetes would fall into this bracket. Other causes, 10-15%, and again, what effect has diet had on these?

But the answer people are crying out for isn’t to sort out the food chain and prevent Big Food putting adulterants like high fructose corn syrup into every bit of processed food they manufacture – thus causing obesity and type 2 diabetes, thus causing a lot of cancer – the answer people are crying out for is for government to pay even more ridiculous sums of money to Big Pharma so that Big Food can keep on profiting out of their appalling adulterated diets.

And why aren’t doctors treating people with nutrition? Well because doctors, in general, know very little about nutrition, they simply aren’t trained in nutrition…

I guarantee that if you randomly select 10 GP’s in the UK i will prove more knowledgeable about nutrition than at least 9 of them, if not all 10. Doctors aren’t concerned in healthy people, if everyone was healthy through a good healthy diet then doctors wouldn’t be making any money. And their shares in Big Pharma (where doctors invest their millions that they’ve weaselled out of the sick and ill by refusing any help unless they’re paid extortionate salaries) would end up worthless. You are only of value to your doctors if you are ill. And the best value they can get out of you is to prescribe you drugs from the pharmaceutical corporation that they have shares in – not treat you with healthy dietary advice.

Most cancers are preventable through diet. A lot of cancers are even treatable through diet alone. But people refuse to change their diets claiming that they can’t live without their bacon butty and cheeseburger – but the truth is, you can’t live with them. So make a choice. Eat unhealthy food and get cancer, or eat a wholefood vegan diet and you most probably won’t.

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