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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret…

What environmental campaign groups and campaigners aren’t telling you… ‘Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret’

Food Choices Documentary…

Find out more here… www.foodchoicesmovie.com Best wishes.

Dr. Michael Greger: Talks at Google

Great video… Best wishes.

And Now For The Diet Part… #youarebeingfarmed

So following on from previous criticism of the BBC article… ‘Exercise “not key to obesity fight”‘. Which you can find here! We shall now look at the dietary component of this article. Almost immediately we are fed these two paragraphs… They said while activity was a key part of staving off diseases such as diabetes, read more »

Cancer Treatment… #youarebeingfarmed

An article on the BBC shows how Big Pharma are milking tax payers with over inflated costs for cancer medicines. It states just how upset big pharma UK is with not getting paid extortionate costs for their useless medicines. Useless? Yes, useless. Make no mistake, these medicines do not cure cancer, and neither do they read more »