Sword of Honour – David Kirk…

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I loved this book. Far better than the first – which i gave 4 stars.

Looking back over the 2 books it felt to me like David gained in confidence writing tales about Musashi and also that he has come to know him better – like he’s beginning to get inside his head more.

But then i suppose the first book was more about Musashi the youth, just beginning to find himself, and this book is more of Musashi as a young man puzzling over what he’s found and finding more – and this reflects well in the writing of both books.

Once again, David’s writing is superbly descriptive without overdoing it. The story just keeps on moving and i just didn’t want to put it down – like the first book, no pregnant pauses await within, it’s just full gas all the way.

I do hope #3 won’t be too long, i’m hooked!

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