Super Smoothie…

Ensure when using dried fruit, berries and seeds that there are no additives at all.

750ml water
100g cruciferous veg – that you want to use, the greener or redder the better
25g dates
1 large fig – dried or fresh
15g fresh root ginger
10g dried goji berries
4.5g whole flax seeds
5g whole hemp seeds
1 ripe banana
1 apple – ensure you do not add seeds as they’re toxic
1 orange – peeled
1/8th tsp dried or fresh chilli – you don’t want this hot, just a little sparkly
6 black peppercorns – preferably Tellicherry special extra bold
28g frozen blueberries
56g frozen berry mix – you can buy nice frozen mixes in most supermarkets
5 g fresh turmeric root – or 1.25 g powdered turmeric

Blend until smooth.

If buying red cabbage, buy a whole one and keep in a plastic bag in fridge and just peel the outer leaves off as you need them. They stay fresh for ages this way. Do not buy cut up red cabbage and don’t cut into one unless you’re using all of it.

The best thing about smoothies is that they’re pretty much pre digested by the blender leaving your body with not much to do but add a few enzymes and get digesting. This ensures a rapid hit of nutrients to the muscles – which is perfect directly after exercise.

You should not eat a meal if you’re having a smoothie, a smoothie should replace a whole meal.

Would juicing all this be as good as blending it? See here for thoughts about juice v smoothie.

And if you’re looking for a blender, i’m currently using a Salter EK2154 1500W BlenderPro. You can find these at very good prices, under £100, if you hunt around. Huge jug and extremely powerful. Great value for money and you’ll have seriously smooth smoothies that do actually taste much better.

533 calories, as much protein as human breast milk, 23.4 grams of fibre, a perfect 1:1 blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and many other wonderful healthy things besides – what’s not to like…