Sunshine Smoothie…

My favourite smoothie for a hot sunny day…

If you go to big supermarkets and look in freezers you should find frozen fruits – well cheap. You can usually find watermelon, strawberries, pineapple in 500g bags chopped up for £2 each. I then cut kiwi up and freeze that (leave skin on) and i also let bananas get really ripe and freeze those as well. Makes this really cold, almost a slush, and it’s perfect on a hot sunny day…

56g pineapple
38g strawberry
35g banana
38g watermelon
1/2 kiwi
35g cucumber (don’t freeze this)
1.1g whole flax seeds
0.7g whole hemp seeds
300ml cold water

If you hunt around garden centres and find a pineapple mint or banana mint plant then get them and throw about 5 grams of one of those in – well delicious.

Incredible nutrition packed into just 118.5 calories…