Strava — Did I Really Do That Run?

The Beeb have put up a good article on websites like Strava and how they’re impacting on people’s health and fitness:

‘Sport for the social media and smart phone generation’.

From the article:

We have all heard the philosophical head-scratcher about whether a tree falling over in the forest makes a sound if there is no-one to hear it.

Keen cyclists will be aware of a new variant to the famous question: does a bike ride take place if you do not “Strava it”?

For those addicted to the GPS-based ride-and-run tracker, the answer is a resounding “no”.

If you forget to hit record on your bike computer, smart phone or sports watch, those calories you burned, the effort you expended, the sweat you perspired… it never happened.

And yesterday my run wouldn’t upload to Garmin Connect from my XT920 for some odd reason.   And my Strava account is directly fed from my Garmin Connect account, so if it doesn’t go on Garmin Connect, it doesn’t get to Strava.   So did i really do my run?   My 920 says i did, but my Strava account doesn’t say i did.   Mmmm… more philosophy.   Schroedinger’s cat, is it alive or dead?

But, i managed to think that if i plug my XT920 into my desktop i can grab the .fit file and put it on my desktop and try to upload it to Garmin Connect that way.   Still not happening.   ARGH!   That’s my run!   All for nothing!   The fitness benefits will never happen to my body if it doesn’t go on Strava — will they?

But then i thought, again, that i could try uploading the .fit file direct into Strava from my desktop.   And yes, it worked!   I finally finished my run — for real!

Now why it wouldn’t work with Garmin Connect i still don’t know.   But that doesn’t matter, because Garmin Connect is just a personal fitness thing for me, myself and i.   What matters is Strava and having my run on there, and it is now, so i did do those miles and i did do them at the top of a soft sandy beach and i did mostly keep my heart rate in Zone 2 and now i can enjoy the fitness benefits to myself as it’s become Strava’d.   And as we now know, thanks to the BBC, that only Strava’d exercise counts, the rest is just some meaningless, unrecognised activity.

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