Should The NHS Fund Statins… #youarebeingfarmed

The cost to the NHS last year for statin prescriptions was £769,000,000 – that’s over £3/4 billion.   This year, because NICE have recommended that statins be offered to people with only a 10% risk factor rather than a 20% risk factor, this bill is set to more than double.

But we have a health care crises in this country with NHS trusts failing woefully to balance their books and all government parties arguing over how the NHS is going to be funded in future.

But statins do not significantly increase anyone’s life expectancy, they only delay death by a matter of months, on average, if the statins are taken for 20-30 years, during which time Big Pharma will be profiting off lots of other medical treatments that they require — like treatment for the side effects of taking statins for that long, like type 2 diabetes and its complications, which statins have been shown to increase the risk of.

Can the NHS seriously afford to pay £1.5 billion a year, for 30 years, just to keep people alive for an extra few months during which they will be costing ever greater costs to the NHS and other care agencies?

Does anyone think that this is the correct path we should be taking?

Should statins only be available on private prescription?   They are now available over the counter at pharmacies so why should the NHS give out prescriptions for them any more?

The icing on the cake in all this debate should be this…

Is there a better way for people with high cholesterol to be treated than side effect causing statins that will bankrupt the NHS?   The answer is YES!

And it’s a treatment that anyone can use, it’s only side effects are even better all round health and lower food bills.

It’s a treatment called BEANS!

‘What does BEANS stand for?’ i hear you think.

BEANS!   Those seed things that come from bean plants…

Is eating beans everyday too much to expect of anyone who claims to care about living so much that they’re willing to bankrupt the NHS with needless prescriptions just to extend their lives by a few months?   If you care about this country and the health and wellbeing of everyone else in it then you don’t abuse the NHS with needless prescription requests for drugs that essentially do nothing other than fill Big Pharma’s shareholder’s ever growing bank accounts — like your GP’s for instance.

No wonder GP’s are so happy to prescribe these things.   I wonder what each shareholder in Big Pharma corporations makes in dividends each year from statin prescriptions alone?   Strange how NICE doesn’t publish those figures in their reports — maybe that’s because the doctors who make up NICE have also got their snouts in the troff.

In other words… #youarebeingfarmed

Truly, this whole statin thing is about farming people for profit and nothing else.   Unless someone has a very particular liver problem whereby their liver is producing too much cholesterol, which diet would not help, then statins should not be used, diet should.   Statins work by reducing the level of cholesterol that the liver produces, the only reason you would want to do that in a healthy liver is to allow people to eat food that is totally laced with cholesterol — meat, dairy and eggs (big profits for Big Food) — and to cause side effects (more profits for Big Pharma).   If people wish to have statins funded by the NHS to allow them to live longer just so they can carry on eating a high cholesterol diet then high cholesterol foods should be taxed to pay for that treatment — like smokers and drinkers are taxed for the health care costs of their pleasures.   If it wasn’t for the tax on cigarettes the NHS would have been bankrupt a long time ago, but thankfully smokers now pay more than double the cost to the NHS for smoking related diseases.

Is that fair on smokers?   Why should smokers pay for twice the cost to society for their pleasures while cholesterol abusers go totally livid when anyone suggests taxing their pleasures like George Osbourne did — remember the Greggs pasty tax fiasco?

Yet the Labour party recently suggested that tobacco should be taxed even more to pay for the excessive costs that are plaguing the NHS caused directly by cholesterol, salt and sugar abusers.

So yeah, eat beans and ditch the junk food and you won’t need statins, and the NHS can once again be able to lower their waiting lists and give people who genuinely need help the help that they’re not getting.

Every £1 you use of the NHS budget is one less pound for others to use — like your children and grandchildren.   Please, start spending it wisely?   The NHS belongs to everyone, especially future generations.   Us old gits have had our lives, stop taking from the young ones, just go eat some beans!

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