Oh yeah, sex; a health, fitness and wellbeing website just wouldn’t be complete without a page about sex.

There’s been a lot said over the years on how sex is good for your health, how sex can burn calories, how we need sex for wellbeing, but is this really true?

Let’s look at a few things:

Erectile dysfunction

This one is always in the news, especially with Viagra marketing. &nbsp: So if sex is good for our health, why would people who are having sex suddenly not be able to have sex unless they take medication?   Obviously there’s something wrong with that hypothesis.

Erectile dysfunction is mostly caused by atherosclerosis:

The idea that sex is good for one’s health obviously hasn’t been explained to our arteries if people who have enjoyed having sex suddenly need to take medication in order to get it up.

And here in lies the elephant in the room. &nbsp: Most men who have erectile dysfunction have clogged arteries and these are not being dealt with, instead they are sold a drug to mask the symptoms of a serious illness — just don’t tell them what’s really the problem, just keep them distracted having sex until the health care system and big pharma can reap huge profits when their atherosclerosis gets really bad and causes heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, strokes, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Another reason for erectile dysfunction is porn addiction. &nbsp: Too many people are getting the dopamine hits that they should be getting from sex with a real human being from watching internet porn. &nbsp: The sheer magnitude of novel partners and novel sex acts that they can conjure up on screen in a short period of time sends their dopamine pathways skywards, but when it comes to a real human being to have sex with their neurons are no longer sensitive to the natural, normal dopamine levels that a single human partner can muster up. &nbsp: Thus they can’t get it up because their dopamine pathways have become corrupted. &nbsp: But instead of doctors dealing with the real issue, they just prescribe Viagra, but the Viagra doesn’t make up for the lack of dopamine sensitivity and therefore psychological pleasure that sex should be giving them — ergo, depression and/or ADHD — ergo, more medication. &nbsp: Big Pharma are laughing all the way to the bank: Keep them masturbating to internet porn and sell tons of drugs to deal with the complications.

The problem with this is that by artificially raising dopamine with drugs you will create a massive addiction problem to that drug. &nbsp: It’s inevitable. &nbsp: And those taking that drug will become dependant upon it for all pleasure. &nbsp: Dopamine is a problem neuro-transmitter in that the more of it you generate the less receptors your neurons will have for it, thus the need to create more dopamine to compensate and feel normal, thus less receptors, thus more dopamine to compensate and feel normal, and so the cycle continues until you’re hooked on the crack pipe — yes, cocaine works by overstimulating the dopamine receptors because it blocks the re-absorption of dopamine by the sending neuron. &nbsp: The receiving neuron then closes down receptors to prevent it being damaged by the overload and can take weeks to re-establish these receptors after stopping drugs altogether.

So if someone thinks that sex is good for our health then they need to think again. &nbsp: The ability to have sex is only a good indicator of mental or physical health, not the cause.


On average, 21 calories are burned during sexual intercourse — wow!


This is an odd one. &nbsp: Yes sex does wonders for one’s wellbeing, but orgasm does not. &nbsp: What? &nbsp: Repeat after me, sex does wonders for your wellbeing, but orgasm does not.

I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there trying to work out how sex and orgasm have different results when they’re the same thing. &nbsp: But they’re not the same thing.

Sex, as procreation, is sex for the pursuit of orgasm and we’re hard-wired in our brains to gradually tire of our sexual partners in order to procreate with as many novel partners as possible in order to create as wide a gene pool of offspring as possible — ergo, the honeymoon period is over once this hard-wiring kicks in fully and novel partners are looked for — affairs; or more novel sex acts are performed with the same partner — kink; or the relationship becomes sexless or with very minimal sex; or the relationship turns into a battleground of animosity, irritation, abuse and in some cases, violence.

Sex, as a bonding behaviour between lovers where no orgasm is desired or achieved is a completely different thing. &nbsp: This stimulates different pathways in the brain, the same pathways that bond a mother to her child and vice versa, and therefore creates a much stronger bond between lovers that never tires.

I won’t explain this further because i can’t explain it as good as three books on the subject:

Karezza, Ethics of Marriage by Alice B. Stockham

The Karezza Method by J. Willian Lloyd

Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships by Marnia Robinson

I really do recommend that everyone reads these three books. &nbsp: I read them in that order, and they were written in that order, which is why they’re listed in that order. &nbsp: If you’re not a big reader and can only imagine yourself reading one book, the best book of three would be the last, Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow. &nbsp: This book really gets into the brain’s inner working and neurotransmitters and how it all comes together to poison our relationships to drive us out to find novel partners in order to expand the gene pool on behalf of our selfish genes. &nbsp: It also explains very fully the cure for this and how to work that into existing and future relationships. &nbsp: If you can read this book and say “Nonsense, i’m not like that!” then you’re either not a human being or you’re a total ego-maniac. &nbsp: You really do need to put your ego on the shelf and have a fully open mind when reading about your brain’s inner workings and how it controls our behaviour subconsciously.

Anyway, hope that helps your sex life. &nbsp: Live long and love longer.

Best wishes.

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