Rouvy – Spain Guajar-Fondon climb…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Spain Guajar-Fondon climb’ route…

Yet another nice little mountain on Rouvy that has to be ridden for the latest ‘Vuelta 18’ challenge.

This is my best ride yet on any route, managing to average 187 watts pacing myself – which is nicely over 3.5 w/kg for me and i even manage to averaged 201 watts on the last 20 minutes when i didn’t have to pace myself any more. I’ve never actually done a proper FTP test as i’m not really interested as i train to feel not to power, but if i can hit nearly 4 watts per kilo at the end of this i don’t think i’m doing too bad.

I’m currently 8th out of 17 who have completed the challenge so far which ain’t too bad as there’s some seriously good cyclists on Rouvy. Today i’m going to try and improve my result on another of the routes on this challenge – and then just keep pecking away until the end of the challenge and see where i end up. It’s all good and gets me fitter.

#loverouvy #gettingfitter #growingyoung

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