Rouvy – Riessersee…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Riessersee’ route…

Another lovely ride through the Bavarian countryside, this one more on the gravel side which makes a lovely change from the roads (not that you feel any difference on the turbo).

I’m not too far off that pesky KOM which i could probably get if i took a few days off my training plan and totally went for it – but i’m not gonna do that just for a KOM. This was set on the second day of my weekly HIIT stuff which is immediately after the first day – i like to wring everything out like that, no rest days in between my HIIT sessions, rest days are for pussies. LOL

First HIIT day is 6 and 2 while second day i turn up the power but only do 3 and 2 which overall comes out at slightly lower watts as i’m at that higher power for a lot less time (hope i’m making sense?). I only just started playing around with this 2 day HIIT thing while i can’t run due to foot injury and it’s going really well so i’m sticking with until i go back to running in a few weeks as the day i’m using for the second HIIT session is normally one of my run days which, oddly enough, i was slowly building into a run HIIT session when i injured my foot.

Anyways, i’ll definitely be coming back to this route in the future as it’s a lovely route and my watts will have gone up some more so it’ll be interesting to see how much closer i can get to that KOM. All good stuff! 😀

#loverouvy #gettingfitter