My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘2018 ROAD CYCLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Men Road Race’ route…

So after 2 days of HIIT sessions i was still feeling great and seeing as i had just under 2400Kj to burn to complete the latest Rouvy challenge (more on that in 10 days when the challenge actually ends) i decided i’d ride this and get the challenge finished early. To be honest i wasn’t too sure if my legs would hold out after the 2 previous day’s HIIT sessions so it was more a case of just starting it and seeing where my legs would last too – and they managed to last the whole route.

This was without a doubt a fair bit of ‘suffering’. So if you’re looking for a fair bit of suffering on your turbo trainer then look no further than this route on Rouvy.

I’m now really looking forward to seeing how fast the pro riders manage it in the World’s this year. After looking over at the website it says that the Elite Men’s race has to go around the short lap 7 times (that’s the second climb from the end on the picture above) before attacking that final climb. That penultimate climb is about 1500 feet each time around so it’s gonna be a well nasty course for them – there won’t be any big sprinters taking this race on. All the other road races at the World’s do a differing amount of times of that penultimate climb (from once for juniors up to 4 times for the Men’s Under 23) but only the Elite Men’s have that final climb after doing 7 time up and down that penultimate climb.

I’m writing this after just 5 hour’s sleep as i decided to get up and refuel before going back to bed in order to give my body a big boost of fresh nutrients to help with the recovery as my body will easily have used up all the nutrients i ate 6 hours ago. There’s a lot of different schools of thought on nutrition of fuelling and i have mine, and mine is definitely working wonderfully for me. So while my legs are extremely tired now as i write this, i’m sure that once i go back to bed with a new supply of nutrition in my blood stream my legs will feel a lot better in another 5 hours. Not that i’m going to do any training whatsoever today – total day off the legs after this one regardless, i feel i’ve certainly earned a day off this time.

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