Reasons To Cycle Early — My First Polecat

People usually look at me like i’m quite mad when they find out that i go out cycling between 3.30 and 4.30 am.

The main reason i do this is because there’s hardly any metal monsters on the roads.   Not only is this safer, but also a hell of a lot less stressful and also it means i don’t have to breath any of the pollutants that come out of their tailpipes.

No matter where you live the air will always be cleaner in the early hours of the morning, so it makes more sense to do your exercise then if you really care about being fit and healthy.   Just stop watching that stupid television in the evenings and go to bed early instead.   Today is far more fulfilling if you start with some good exercise and didn’t end yesterday watching a load of soul numbing shite on the moron box.

The other advantage to this, if you have a job, is that you do your post exercise, knackered bit on the company time.   No point in ruining your own spare time being knackered after exercise if you can do it on company time!

And the other thing is that there’s also no one around to look at you funny when you ride along talking to yourself or singing songs, which can attract odd looks, to say the least, at more busy times of day when the madding crowd are out and about and being their judgemental selves.   A good long cycle ride is a great time to have that conversation with yourself that you’ve been putting off for ages because you don’t want people to think you’re mental when you sit there talking to yourself.

But all that aside, i really do think the best reason for getting out and about so early in the morning is the wildlife.   British song birds giving their dawn chorus has to be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.   We really do have the most amazing dawn choruses on these islands, and sadly most people will never hear it.

And talking of wildlife, this very morning i was riding out of Otterton to ascend Peak Hill and there, running along the hedgerow in my general direction, was a polecat.   All these years i’ve lived on this planet and i had never before seen a polecat in the wild.   Such beautiful little animals, their markings all the more striking in the glare of my LED front lights.   There is such an abundance of wildlife around early in the morning, just before dawn, and they don’t tend to run and hide from bicycles as they haven’t learned to fear cyclists because we’re such lovely people.   So get a bike and get out there and enjoy our beautiful countryside and its wildlife in the peace and quiet.

Do be careful with deer though, you don’t want to go charging towards a rutting stag on a bicycle — somehow i think the cyclist will lose that battle.   My advice for when encountering deer is to simply stop as soon as you see them and wait for the deer to move away in its own time.   When possible, stand still and enjoy the time you spend with these beautiful animals whenever you’re given the opportunity — it’s something you never get the chance to do in cars as you just tend to kill them as you run them over at 80mph.

Best wishes.

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