Raw Curry Soup…

Place all the following into blender…

50 ml cold water
4 medium tomatoes
4 sticks celery
4 inch length cucumber
20 g onion
4 cloves garlic unpeeled
15 g root ginger
5 g coriander seeds
2 g cumin seeds
2 g root turmeric or 1 g powdered turmeric
1 g black pepper
0.7 g fenugreek seeds
0.7 g mustard seeds
1 clove (with the seed bit on top)
1 green cardamom
fresh chilli to taste

Blend until smooth.

Then either finely chop, grate or spiralise raw veg of your choice and pour sauce over or add veg to blender and blend it all to whatever consistency you prefer.

For ideas on what vegetables to add i would suggest looking at the fibre page and consider maximising fibre intake.