Annoying Food Excuses – It’s Too Expensive

A doctor on the internet suggested that eating 1 lb of greens a day would dramatically improve people’s health and go a long way to reversing type 2 diabetes.

In the comments there was the usual complaint… ‘1 lb of greens is too expensive.’

I’ve lost count the amount of times i’ve heard the excuse from unhealthy people that eating healthy is too expensive, that they would love to eat healthier but just can’t afford to.

Utter bollox!!! I call shenanigans on all of them.

1 lb is 454 grams

Current prices in my local Tesco supermarket (other UK supermarkets have similar prices).

Broccoli… currently at 55 pence for 350g – but if you go in the morning you’ll find many heads of 350g broccoli that weigh well over 454g.

Broccoli can be cut up into little bits (stems included) and frozen and then steamed, added to soups, stews and smoothies all day long. 454g of broccoli is easy to get through in a day.

Savoy… currently at 69 pence per head – again, go early and you’ll find plenty of heads that weigh at least 454g.

Keep heads of savoy in bag in chill draw in fridge and only take off outer leaves and it’ll stay fresh for quite a few days. Finely chop the leaves and add to salads, steam the leaves whole, etc.. Once again, easy to munch through 1lb in a day. Put stems in a container in fridge and add to smoothies to make them more nutritious.

Collard Greens… 62 pence for at least 500 grams.

I like to seperate these into whole leaves and lay them flat in a freezer drawer. When you thaw them out you can use them to make sushi style wraps completely raw – seriously nice!

A little more pricey…

Kale… currently on sale at 49 pence for 206g = £1.08 for 1 lb.

Spinach… 63 pence for 200 grams

Sweetheart… 79 pence each

And that’s just a quick glance at one supermarket. You can find much cheaper than this if you shop around.

How much was that big macfilth meal you ate last night?

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Vuelta 18 Challenge…

38th out of 537…

Admittedly, i had to re-ride a few routes a few times to get 38th place. Worked hard for this one as this was my last on Rouvy for a while, as this was the final challenge needed to complete my Rouvy Career to Legend. So now i’m off back to Zwift for a while as i’m currently limiting my riding to focus more on my running for a change and Zwift is good for that – see how that goes.

Anyways, Rouvy’s been great, got a lot fitter along the journey with them but now i need some new targets.

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Drink Driving and Food

I was surprised by this article, and i’m sure many others will be also…

Can you get drunk on boozy food?

So please think about the alcohol you are maybe eating, as well as drinking, if you intend to be driving.

Better still, just quit alcohol altogether and save yourself the worry – no more hangovers and much improved health, fitness, longevity and wellbeing.

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Rouvy – 7 Revueltas (v2017)…

My latest attempt at Rouvy’s ‘7 Revueltas (v2017)’ route…

A nice little mountain on Rouvy that has to be ridden for the latest ‘Vuelta 18’ challenge.

And to get in the top 23% is something i’m well pleased with, and also averaging 192 watts, which is my best hour ride yet. Sweet!

This is my latest attempt at this route (knocking 1:45 of my previous time) as i’m attempting to finish as high as possible on this challenge within the limits that my training plan allows me to ride. I’m now at 6th out of 17 who have so far completed the whole challenge – so not too bad. But there’s more to come, so it’ll be interesting to see where i finally end up.

Anyways, it’s a nice big hill to climb if anyone’s got an hour to spare, why not have a go yourself?

#loverouvy #gettingfitter #growingyoung

Rouvy – Spain Guajar-Fondon climb…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Spain Guajar-Fondon climb’ route…

Yet another nice little mountain on Rouvy that has to be ridden for the latest ‘Vuelta 18’ challenge.

This is my best ride yet on any route, managing to average 187 watts pacing myself – which is nicely over 3.5 w/kg for me and i even manage to averaged 201 watts on the last 20 minutes when i didn’t have to pace myself any more. I’ve never actually done a proper FTP test as i’m not really interested as i train to feel not to power, but if i can hit nearly 4 watts per kilo at the end of this i don’t think i’m doing too bad.

I’m currently 8th out of 17 who have completed the challenge so far which ain’t too bad as there’s some seriously good cyclists on Rouvy. Today i’m going to try and improve my result on another of the routes on this challenge – and then just keep pecking away until the end of the challenge and see where i end up. It’s all good and gets me fitter.

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Rouvy – Cotos (up to Valdesqui)…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Cotos (up to Valdesqui)’ route…

Another nice little mountain on Rouvy that has to be ridden for the latest ‘Vuelta 18’ challenge.

This is my better go at this route having set my first time for the challenge at a much lower power, and i’m quite impressed with my result, managing to average 185 watts – which is over 3.5 w/kg for me.

And i bumped myself up to second place in the challenge doing it, so even more happy with the result. And all done just sticking to my normal training plan, no special effort being made at all.

Anyways, it’s a nice little mountain to climb if anyone’s got an hour to spare, why not have a go yourself?

#loverouvy #gettingfitter #growingyoung

Rouvy ‘Legend’ Level…

Just completed ‘World Class’ level on Rouvy…

And i’m now a Rouvy Legend…

And that’s it. All the levels completed, big bad boss beaten, game over, and all in 7 months – which i don’t think is too shabby.

So now what? Well, i’m going to finish my month’s subscription on Rouvy as it would be silly not to use it up as i do enjoy Rouvy, and then i’m going back to Zwift for a while.

WTF! Yes, back to Zwift. I’ve been getting lots of messages on VeloViewer about the Strava segment positions i set while i was previously on Zwift getting lower and lower and dragging my VeloViewer Score down – can’t have that!!! So i really feel the need to go back to Zwift for a while and bump a few back up – call it vanity, i don’t care. 😀 But vanity, or not, it’s going to be interesting as all i’ve spent my time on while riding on Rouvy has just been getting used to riding in an aero tuck and getting all the power back that i lost when i switched over to using the tri-bars full time – which i think i’ve done and then some on top. Anyways, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what times i can set on Zwift now in an aero tuck on tri-bars and compare them to the times i set previously on the tops and drops. At least on Zwift they have the TT bike that has its algorithm set up to give the reduced drag of being in an aero tuck which isn’t the case on Rouvy. On Rouvy everyone’s given a normal riding position drag coefficient and there’s no way of changing it.

I’m also quite interested to try out the new routes on Zwift as well and set a few times on those too.

Then once that’s done i’m going to go off and find another platform to play on. There’s quite a few different platforms out there now and i really would like to try them all eventually and complete all their levels as well.

I’m currently planning on coming back to Rouvy on 1st October 2019 and going for double Legend status – which means completing all levels twice through in the 12 months between 1st October 2019 and 30th September 2020, but in the meanwhile there’s so much more of the virtual cycling world to sample and i want to see what some of the others have to offer.

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Hamburger Challenge #3…

28th out of 389…

This was a lot of riding and awesome to get 28th place. I even treated myself to 4 vegan burgers yesterday to celebrate my acheivement – sometimes it’s ok to do a little junk food. 😀

#loverouvy #gettingfitter #growingyoung

Rouvy – Tenerife Los Cristianos – Parador Teide…

My current best attempt at Rouvy’s ‘Tenerife Los Cristianos – Parador Teide’ route…

Another big, tough mountain on Rouvy – ya gotta love ’em. LOL. I had to ride this one for the current ‘Vuelta 18’ challenge, which is my final thing to complete on Rouvy to get Legend level. There’s 3 more routes on this challenge, but they’re much easier, so i should have them done by Tuesday and then that’s all the Rouvy boxes ticked – game over! More on that in a post on Tuesday (all being well).

Then i’m just finishing the month that i’ve paid for on Rouvy and going back to Zwift for a while – again, more on that and my reasons when it happens on 13th September. It’s certainly going to be interesting going back to Zwift and seeing how much i’ve gained in the last 7 months while i’ve been away. Admittedly, i did take a huge hit to my power output when i switched onto the tri bars full time but i think i’ve got all that back now, and that’s also with riding every day now – which i could never do before at this power. So it’s been a really, really awesome 7 months so far with my cycling fitness. It’s just such a bummer that i keep injuring myself and can’t get my running to where i want it. But it’ll happen. I’m going to start back running when i go back to Zwift and hopefully the foot will hold up this time – it’s feeling much better already so 3 more weeks off running should be a good thing for it and then just ease back into it slowly with fingers crossed.

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