One Year, No Beer

I was listening to the No Meat Athlete Podcast episode, “One Year, No Beer?”

Worth a listen to, and check out the One Year No Beer website also.

Disclaimer: One Year No Beer had nothing whatsoever to do with my quitting alcohol.   But as of writing this post i’m now at 308 days 13 hours sober and thought i qualify well to give the idea a shout out.   Like the guy says in the Podcast, you can quit for a month but you don’t have to change your lifestyle and socialising habits (you just avoid things for a month).   To quit for 90 days is something altogether different because you do have to start changing your lifestyle habits and socialising habits.

To take it to a year is something else entirely.   To go through all the seasons, the festivals, the celebrations, the birthdays, the ups and downs and never ending trials and tests of life, etc., and to experience it all in sobriety — now that can be challenging and, to a lot of people, even frightening.   But seriously, it’s worth it.   If you truly can’t face an event, a person, a place, etc., without alcohol, then maybe you should think about deleting that event, person or place out of your life.   Clear away the shit that you need to be boozed up to face and create the space in your life that you fill with ideas, events, people, places that you can enjoy sober.   There’s a whole world out there to explore and enjoy in sobriety, all you need to do is get sober.

Good luck!

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