Ninja Foodi

So for the last couple of years — since i remodelled my small kitchen and threw out the cooker to save space — i’ve been wandering between a fully raw and a high raw, wholefood, high carb, vegan diet, and been totally loving it.   But then, last year, i came across the Ninja Foodi.

I’ve been using Ninja blenders/food processors as a raw foody for quite a while now and i’m very impressed by their products.   So when they sent me an email with their latest product, the Foodi, i was certainly intrigued to say the least.

I’d encountered other auto pressure cookers, like the Instant Pot, a few years ago.   I thought the Instant Pot was a really good looking bit of kitchen kit for someone without a cooker or a lot of space in a kitchen.   I noticed the following video on High Carb Hannah’s Youtube channel, in which Hannah gives a tour of her tiny house kitchen — which is pretty much the same size as my kitchen give or take an inch or two — and she shows her cooking gadgets as an Instant Pot, a rice cooker, an air fryer and a pop corn maker…

Now what if you could put all four of those devices into one, and add a few other options?   Well that’s what the Foodi does.

But, back to my raw/high raw diet.   As with most things in my life, the raw/high raw diet was an experiment, and i have to say, a very successful one.   As a life long food fanatic, grower, creator, maker, nutritionist, chef, baker, and wearer of many other kitchen hats besides, i ended up learning a great deal more about food pursuing a raw/high raw diet and i’m certainly extremely glad i did it.   But at the moment, the Ninja Foodi is crying out for this food lover’s experimentation and was just too much to resist once they decided to offer it in 4 monthly interest free payments.

So i shall be exploring what the Foodi can do for a wholefood, high carb, vegan diet over the coming months and publishing my findings here on Growing Young.   I’m sure it’s gonna be delicious fun, i may even get a little fat, but i fully intend to have some nice, easy, wholefood, high carb, vegan meals to share for anyone with a Ninja Foodi.

And when the Foodi eventually dies from all the abuse i intend to give it, i’ll go back to my raw diet.   I definitely intend to test this to destruction, so you’ll also get to see just how long one of these things lasts.

You can find out about Ninja products on their website.

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