My First 200 Mile Ride

I think the full title to the day was the “3rd Annual Ride On For World Bicycle Relief Presented By Zwift”, during which Zwifters would attempt to ride as many miles as possible with the ultimate goal being a collective 1 million miles.

The following is my best effort.

I planned to do shifts of 2 hours riding with 1 hour rest and see how that went.   I’d never attempted anything like this before so it was all totally winging it.

The first 2 hours went really well, felt good but went into total chaos once i got off the bike and had to start organising things for my next 2 hours but managed to get everything sorted inside the hour.

The second 2 hours’ ride went well and the rest hour was a bit more organised.   Keeping up a nice pace of 33kmh for the first 4 hours.

Everything was going so well but a recurring foot issue i’m having started nagging at me toward’s the end so i stopped a few minutes early for my hour’s break and to try some other shoes.

This time i only got through 95 minutes and was really starting to feel the toll of all the riding.   Took a break and had a nice hot bath at this point to see if that would help.

This time only managing 70 minutes, really beginning to suffer quite a lot.

And that’s me absolutely done.   My bum and feet just can’t take any more punishment.   I’m literally at the point where i’m going to start doing some proper damage to myself.

Total for the day:

I reckon 200.7 miles in 9:55:28 spread over 14:45:28 is pretty respectable for a first attempt at a long ride.   I’ve learned a lot about myself and my riding and also the logistics of doing this sort of thing, so all good stuff for the future.

My next ultra cycle thing is Everesting the Radio Tower.

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