Lazy Bean Curry…

I’m a lazy cook, mostly because i don’t like having to do lots of washing up, so i created this to save myself loads of work. Essentially, i get 12 meals from one lot of cooking and over those 12 meals i have very minimal washing up. So first off you need 2 very large saucepans.

In the first saucepan soak 1kg of your favourite beans for 8-12 hours, bring to boil and simmer until tender. Different beans take different times to cook, so you have to be patient with some beans while really keeping an eye on others to stop them going to mush.

Once the beans are cooked strain the cooking water off into the other saucepan. This cooking water contains lots of nutrients and we’re not going to waste any nutrients. Place the pan with the beans in into a sink full of cold water to cool them down.

Into the pan with the bean water add…

1kg chopped onions
3 or 4 bulbs of garlic (break apart making sure you snap any woody root off each clove and then crush flat on a chopping board leaving the skins on)
1kg sliced carrots
1kg whole unpeeled baby potatoes
1kg chopped tomatoes (lazy option – you can freeze the tomatoes first and add whole, they’ll just fall apart)
1kg butternut squash cut into big chunks (leave skin and seeds on)

Bring that to the boil and simmer until nearly cooked


150g curry powder
1tsbp chilli powder
1 large bunch of fresh coriander chopped up fine

Simmer for 10 minutes

Place into a sink of cold water to start cooling and add the beans.

Keep replacing the sink water and stirring each time to cool down as quick as possible.

Eat one lot now before it gets too cold. Place one portion in fridge for tomorrow and then freeze the rest down in individual portions for whenever you’re hungry.

And when you’re hungry simply heat a portion up and eat straight out of the pan with the spoon you stir it with while it’s heating up.

So very minimal washing up and no nutrient loss at all.

You can add rice or whatever you like to eat with it, or just eat it on it’s own.

Good healthy high fibre food that’s so lazy and easy to make.

Best wishes.