Labour Finally Admit A Health Problem

“Caps on fat, salt and sugar promised by Labour”.

So the Labour Party admit that voluntary agreements with Big Food do not work.   They accept that fats, salt and sugar in people’s diets are causing massive health problems in this country.   And what’s their solution:

Maximum limits would be set on levels of fat, salt and sugar in food marketed to children.

So things like energy drinks, pies, cakes and any other junk that Big Food can say, “Well it’s marketed at adults, not children!” can continue to have as much fat, salt and sugar added to it as Big Food want to put in it.

The whole policy is a joke.   If government parties are admitting that these things are bad and that Big Food isn’t going to do anything about them through voluntary agreements, then why only target food marketed at children?   Why not target food marketed at everyone?

There is a massive health crisis in this country.   The NHS is about to go bankrupt.   And all the Conservative party can come up with is voluntary agreements with their pals in Big Food, and all Labour can come up with is a piecemeal policy aimed at food that is specifically marketed at children which Big Food will easily get around by simply showing that they didn’t specifically market it at children.

So why only aimed at children?   Because Labour want to look like they’re doing something to deal with the ever increasing deaths from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases caused by diet, but they also know that they have to allow Big Food to continue to market this crap to everyone through loopholes to fuel Big Food and Big Pharma’s profits.   Let’s be clear here, Big Food spends more money on advertising in a single year than Labour have spent in election campaigns in a century, and Big Food can easily afford to up that advertising and also pour huge amounts of funding into friendly political parties’ campaign funds to oppose them if Labour politicians get too out of line.   So Labour will just pick on the little ones because they don’t get to vote.

But can you imagine this policy in action?   Is a penguin biscuit marketed at adults or children?   How does one make a distinction between the two?   It’s got a picture of an adult penguin on it then it’s ok but if it’s a baby penguin it’s not?   And will sweet shops be banned from selling sweets to anyone under 18 because that would mean they had been marketed to children?

As i said earlier, the whole policy is a joke.   It’s simply designed to show voters that Labour have at least a policy for dealing with our obesity/health epidemic — albeit a pathetic one that will not work at all.   Big Food and Big Pharma have too much money and power for any political party to go on the offensive against them.

At least they’re claiming to be doing something positive though, eh?

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