Juice v Smoothie

So what’s the difference in health benefits between a juicer and a blender?   Let’s see:

As you can see, the stuff that the juicer removes isn’t just the fibre.   There’s a ton of stuff attached to that fibre that is good and healthy — and the fibre itself is good and healthy too.   It prevents the rapid absorption of the sugars within the juice and helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

Even if it was just the fibre alone that juicers were removing, at a time when most people’s diets are seriously lacking in fibre does it make sense to remove all the fibre from your fruits and vegetables and drink just the juice?

Here’s an example about apples:

So not only throwing away the valuable fibre when juicing apples, but also cancer killing nutrients.   At a time when cancer is killing more people than ever before why would anyone want to throw away the best part of an apple and drink the worse part of it:

Is this true of all fruit and veg?   Well, no, there is one fruit, or maybe vegetable, that does the opposite:

So maybe ditch the juicer and buy a good blender?

And if it isn’t labelled as being able to crush ice then it isn’t a good blender!


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