Indoor Skating…

So i got fed up waiting for the weather to get better. It was originally looking fairly ok for this morning on the forecast but things just got worse and it poured down over night and then it’s gusting up to 20mph and increasing down the seafront when i got up to go out. So i thought that now i have moved into my new house and i don’t have any neighbours underneath me to complain i can rollerskate indoors, so i put the skates on and starting looking up dance stuff on youtube to practice indoors over the winter months when the weather’s too bad.

And i found this…

I have to say they make it look so easy, and to be honest i don’t know how easy it would be to do in quads, but it’s certainly not easy on 90mm 85A inline wheels with fast bearings on laminate flooring. I think it’s going to take a great deal of practice to get it sorted.

But i do feel it will certainly improve my skating as it’s mostly about balance and control and hopefully i’ll get to look really cool at the rollerdisco next time i take my grand daughters. Not sure if my grand daughters will agree. LOL

So there’s really no excuses not to be skating in one way or another. If you can’t get outside to do some fitness skating you can always put a nice floor down in a room and practice your dance moves to fine tune your balance and control ready for when the weather gets better. I’m sure these winds and rain can’t last forever.

Best wishes, and hopefully see you at a rollerdisco somewhere, sometime.

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