How To Avoid Cancer

A great little video on what veggies are anti-carcinogenic, ergo, what veggies cure cancer…

Off course, don’t expect them to work if you keep shoving carcinogenic foods into your mouth, like meat, dairy and eggs, and smoking as well as other bad things – that would be silly, wouldn’t it?

Why doesn’t your doctor tell you this? Because doctors are only trained to, and bribed to, prescribe drugs for Big Pharma and make profits for Big Pharma, they’re not trained in nutrition. In my whole life i’ve never been spoken to by a doctor about my diet, yet they’re all too quick to pull out that prescription. Doctors make a lot of money and most of them invest it in shares in pharmaceutical corporations and then prescribe the drugs from their preferred pharmaceutical corporation (the one they have shares in) to you to make the doctors more money. Doctors don’t actually care about your health and wellbeing, healthy patients don’t make doctors any money whatsoever!

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