Healthy Fat in Healthy Eggs

So today someone said to me that i was talking “rubbish” when i said that eggs were bad for you.   It was pointed out to me that the new evidence is very clear that eggs only contain “good fats” so therefore they are healthy.

Well i beg to differ.

This so called, “new evidence” is not what it seems.

The egg industry who took a huge beating when it was found that the fat, amongst other things — like salmonella — in eggs was seriously bad for us wanted to even the scales.

Like other industries, such as tobacco, dairy and meat, the egg industry have come up with studies that it designed that don’t disprove any of the original science that showed that eggs were bad for health, simply because they couldn’t disprove any of it.   Instead they just re-word things, omit huge swathes of evidence, perform the most twisted statistical analyses upon the data, and then only serve up the nicest bits of the results while totally omitting anything that they don’t like within the science that would be bad for profits:

So before you go believing the “new science”, have a good look at the studies, see who has funded them and what isn’t being said, not just what is said.   The egg industry don’t care at all about people’s health; they care about making profit and nothing else whatsoever.   If a million people have to die from diseases caused by eggs in order for the egg industry to make a billion profit, then so be it!   Profit is god!

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