Recovery Nutrition

This is my ongoing work-in-progress experiment in vegan recovery nutrition. And that doesn’t mean i only do it after exercise. Recovery nutrition is something you should be doing all the time if you’re exercising as when you’re not exercising you are recovering and need adequate nutrition in your system to benefit fully from your exercise.

One of the main things i’ve noticed with a lot of recovery formulas, like whey protein shakes, is that they don’t have very many anti-oxidants in them. Natural anti-oxidants are crucially important in any recovery nutrition. The following recipes have a purely natural anti-oxidant hit that is massive but because it’s natural it will still allow your body to adjust fully to the oxidative stress that you put it under during exercise – which is where the gains are made. It will also reduce oxidative stress during exercise, allowing better recovery, as your body doesn’t have to repair that damage in the first place. Synthetic supplement anti-oxidants kill your body’s adaptation to oxidative stress…

One thing i certainly do not recommend for recovery nutrition are these shitty energy drinks like red bull and the like, you won’t do yourself any favours at all drinking that highly addictive, drug loaded filth. There isn’t anything at all good for you in any of these energy drinks and they will not do you any good whatsoever especially if you take them directly after exercise. Sue me Dietrich Mateschitz if you reckon i’m wrong!

There’s absolutely no point in exercising for Health, Fitness and Wellbeing if you’re just going to treat your body like a sewer and pour utter filth down your neck afterwards. Honour your body, honour you mind and honour your life!

So here are my main recipes for recovery nutrition:

Best wishes.