Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Polar Beat…

The Polar H7 is a great little heart rate transmitter that straps around your chest.

However, the problem with Polar is the Polar Beat app which was great to begin with but every update they brought out just made it worse and worse on my Android phone. Polar assured me that they were going to be releasing a new update that would iron out these little issues, however, when the new update came out it just made everything worse again. Problems all the time trying to sync with the transmitter, and never ending problems trying to get it to hook up to GPS. This used to be work-aroundable, but the latest update even made the work-aroundable impossible.

I was originally very impressed with it, but now i’m totally not. Polar make no effort to help you when you have problems, they won’t address any problems, they blame you and your phone for the problems. But it’s odd that my H7 transmitter is recognised on my phone by every other fitness app that does Bluetooth Smart heart rate, like Endomondo, for example, and Endomondo and other apps also have no problem accessing the GPS on my phone. And neither did Polar Beat until Polar decided that they didn’t like Android users any more and totally fucked up their product for us and gave absolutely no customer service.

The H7 is also advertised as working in water, but this is one of the most ridiculous claims i’ve ever come across. Even tightening the chest strap up to the point that its restricting your breathing and then putting a tight wetsuit over the top it can at best be described as seriously intermittent. So don’t buy this thinking it’ll be good for you swimming, you’ll be horribly disappointed.

So i won’t be buying Polar products any more, and i don’t recommend them because you never know when it will work and when it won’t work and Polar don’t care if it works or if it doesn’t work – tough, and thanks for your money – suckers!

All they had to do is provide some decent customer service and address the issues that i and others had and i would have continued to use their products and recommend them. But they failed massively, not just slightly, i mean massively.

That’s not to say that the H7 is totally useless now. It still works with programs like Endomondo, and is great for Elite HRV, so it still has some uses. Just don’t go buying Polar stuff thinking that what they advertise is what you get and when you don’t get it don’t expect it solved even when they say they’ll solve it.

So i’ve taken my custom to Garmin instead. We’ll see how i get on with their products in the near future.

Keep healthy out there…

Best wishes.