Healthy Chips…

We all like chips – well most of us do. But standard deep fried chips covered in salt and refined vinegar are one of the most unhealthy ways of eating vegetables there is.

If only there were a way to enjoy chips in a healthy way.

There is…

Pre heat oven to gas mark 8, conv elec 230c, fan elec 210c.

Line a large roasting tin with tin foil, shiney side up and sprinkle with dried herbs…


I’m using basil at the moment because i just happen to have a tub to use up. Use whatever dried herb, or dried herb mix tickles your taste buds.

The dried herbs do several things. They stop the chips sticking to the tin foil. They add lots of flavour to the chips so that you don’t need to add salt. They add lots of phytonutrients to the chips – and we love phytonutrients, don’t we? Say yes!

Then scrub the spuds clean but do not peel them. Peel is good!

Then cut up large spuds into chips about 15mm square – nice and chunky – do not rinse the juice off the spuds, just place them straight onto the herbs as they are…


Make sure there’s a little gap between each chip. Use two roasting tins if you want to do more chips, don’t cram them into one.

Then seal it all up nice and tight to prevent any steam loss…


Place in pre-heated oven and leave for 40 minutes. If you’re using a non fan oven then turn the pan around after 20 minutes, if you’re using two pans in a non fan oven then swap shelves at the same time.

After 40 minutes turn the oven up full blast and remove the tin foil from the top of the roasting tin and return the tin to the oven to brown.

You may need to turn the tin around in some ovens to brown the chips evenly.

And there you have it, healthy chips…


There really should be no need whatsoever to put salt and vinegar on these, learn to enjoy the natural taste of the potato and herbs instead and have a happier healthier life.

Best wishes.