Cycling Safely: Part 2

Following on from my previous blog post, “Cycling Safely”, here are some more thoughts on an old BBC cycling article: “Could hi-tech accessories make cycling safer?”

First, the laser thingy.   At £125 one has to think, “Is this really worth it?”   You still need to have your normal lights on your bicycle, so essentially you’re going to spend £125 for one extra light on the front.   Now, let’s face it, most cyclists in the UK cycle because they haven’t got much money, so £125 for one light is a little over the top, IMHO.   Wouldn’t it be far better to spend £125 on all round lighting for your bicycle?   You can go and buy 4 sets of, very good brightness, front and back lights, ten reflectors to fit in your spokes on each wheel, the most amazing hi-viz vest, ankle and wrist reflector bands, lots of hi-viz reflective tape and still have plenty of change from £125.   Seriously!!!   Think about it!!!   I know what i’d rather have on my bicycle.

The other thing about the laser is that it projects an image onto the road 5 metres in front of the bike thereby distracting any driver’s attention away from the bicycle itself: “Whoops, sorry for hitting you with my truck but i didn’t see you on your bike because as i was totally distracted by a large green bike sign drifting strangely along the road.”

I like the idea of the inflatable helmet, but the cost is, once again, ridiculous.   But, as some of you probably noticed in my previous “Cycling Safely” entry, i didn’t mention helmets at all.   Why not?   Because i don’t think they’re the most important thing to consider for safety.   It’s far, far, far more important to ride safely, on a serviceable bike, paying due care and attention to your surroundings, be seen, and not to get hit by something in the first place!

I also think, like the article inferred, that you are actually safer not wearing a helmet.   If you’re wearing protective equipment of any kind, you are more likely to take risks that you otherwise wouldn’t.   This is a natural thing that most people are prone to, and also, people seeing other people wearing protective equipment are more likely to be a little more dangerous around them.   I would like to see statistics of how many cyclists are involved in accidents with helmets as opposed to without.

And just for a little bit of a giggle: “The bike test that shows what we’re really like at work”.

Maybe that’s why i don’t have a job.   LOL

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