Cycling Keeps You Young

Finally a bit of proof that cycling keeps you young:

“The secret of eternal youth: skin-tight Lycra and a bicycle”.

What annoys me is the reporter, Steve Connor, who just couldn’t help himself to mention “skin-tight Lycra” in their title and also in the article.   So i sent a letter of complaint to the Independant:

Why is your science editor adding mentions to “skin-tight Lycra” in their title?   No where in the whole research was it determined that anyone needed to wear “skin-tight Lycra” in order to stay young.   It’s almost that Steve Connor couldn’t help himself but to have a dig at those who wish to stay fit, healthy, youthful and not be a total burden on society through inactive ill health.   One would think a science editor would be a lot more objective and not resort to attempts at ridiculing those who are keeping their burden on the NHS and society as low as possible.   Most cyclists don’t wear “skin-tight Lycra”, it’s not needed to keep you youthful and healthy and for a science editor to suggest that it is by shoehorning it into other people’s research in the way he has done is completely unethical.   What i get from reading this article is that Steve is a car driver who doesn’t like cyclists and is bitter about those fitter than himself.   He should be reporting the objective facts, not his subjective opinions.   Cycling is arguably the best way of keeping fit, youthful and healthy, and your science editor should be promoting this fact objectively and not attempting to ridicule them in this underhanded and totally unprofessional way.

But anyway, there it is.   If you don’t want to grow old and sick then get a bike and have at it: and if you want to wear “skin tight lycra” while you cycle then you jolly well have at it and enjoy showing off your youthfully fit body to the world.

To be honest, one only has to go to places like Amsterdam and Copenhagen to see the effects of a cycling lifestyle on ageing.   Just compare 50 year olds from those two cities that cycle all their journeys instead of driving cars to 50 year olds in cities in the UK who drive cars everywhere.   Just one look without any of the fancy health measuring equipment will tell you straight away that cycling is going to keep you younger and healthier than driving a car.

It’s the future!   Get a bicycle or get dead quicker!

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