Cycling (again)…

It looks like the BBC is having a bit of a cycle safety season…. about time too.

Unfortunately, more cyclists are being injured or killed on our roads, which one might think strange when there are less people using bicycles regularly now than 40-50 years ago when i was a child.

But then, there’s far more HGV’s, vans, cars, etc., on our roads now. So looking at that statistic, one could infer that with less bicycles and more vehicles on the roads the fact that more cyclists are getting injured or killed must mean that it’s not the fault of the cyclists. Food for thought!!!

Anyway, back to the BBC.  Today they had a hi-tech article which i thought i’d talk a little about… Could hi-tech accessories make cycling safer?

First, the laser thingy. At £125 one has to think, “Is this really worth it?” You still need to have your normal lights on your bicycle, so essentially you’re going to spend £125 for one extra light on the front. Now let’s face it, most cyclists in the UK, cycle because they haven’t got much money, so £125 for one light is a little over the top, IMHO. Wouldn’t it be far better to spend £125 on all round lighting for your bicycle? You can go and buy 4 sets of, very good brightness, front and back lights, ten reflectors to fit in your spokes on each wheel, the most amazing hi-viz vest, lots of hi-viz reflective tape, and still have plenty of change from £125. Seriously!!! Think about it!!! I know what i’d rather have on my bicycle.

The other thing about the laser is that it projects an image onto the road 5 metres in front of the bike, thereby distracting any driver’s attention away from the bicycle itself – whoops, didn’t see you as i was totally distracted by the green bike sign drifting along the road.

I like the idea of the inflatable helmet, but the cost is, once again, ridiculous. But as some of you probably noticed in my last Cycling blog entry, i didn’t mention helmets at all. Why, because i don’t think they’re the most important thing to consider for safety. It’s far far far more important not to get hit by something in the first place!

I also think, like the article inferred, that you are actually safer not wearing a helmet. If you’re wearing protective equipment of any kind, you are more likely to take risks that you otherwise wouldn’t. This is a natural thing that most people are prone to. And also, people seeing other people wearing protective equipment are more likely to be a little more dangerous around them. I would like to see statistics of how many cyclists are involved in accidents with helmets as opposed to without.

And just for a little bit of a giggle… The bike test that shows what we’re really like at work

Maybe that’s why i don’t have a job. LOL

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